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Meeting Repair Kit

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Time spent in meetings can be the most productive part of your day, but only if you first understand what goes into a successful meeting. The Meeting Repair Kit is based on the concept that there are 6 working components of effective meetings. If any of these parts are missing or in poor working order, meetings will stall - or break down entirely.

The Meeting Repair Kit is divided into 6 learning modules, one for each essential component of successful meetings:

  • Purpose and Direction
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Decisions
  • Ground Rules
  • Meeting Environment

Individuals begin by evaluating and learning about different aspects of meetings, and then use exercises and activities from the "toolbox" to improve their meeting skills. Finally, participants apply their skills using these tools and the customizable templates during actual meetings. Upon completing all 6 modules, participants have a personalized meeting skill book to use as a handy reference tool!

Ideal for self-paced learning, established meeting groups, or trainer-led workshops, the Meeting Repair Kit can be used to:

  • Understand the nuts and bolts of effective meetings.
  • Identify the key meeting elements in need of repair.
  • Tune up individual and group meeting skills.

Designed to be used one at a time or in sequence, each module includes a short survey to determine developmental needs, criteria for effective meetings, tools for repairing meeting skills, skill-building activities, tips for using tools in future meetings, key learning points, and customizable templates.

Meeting Repair Kit Activity Binder Contents:

  • Assessment
  • Response form
  • Interpretive information
  • Action planning
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