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Meetings Instructor-Led Course

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On an average day, there are 17 million meetings in the U.S. Yet, an estimated 63 percent of meetings don’t have prepared agendas. Not to mention, only 53 percent of meeting time is spent actually discussing agenda items, while the rest of the time goes to unproductive, unplanned issues.

Based on these statistics, it’s easy to see why meetings have a bad reputation. Poorly run meetings take too long, involve too many people, and never seem to result in any concrete action. Despite this, meetings are necessary and can be extremely effective. Meetings that are planned and facilitated well give participants a sense of accomplishment and a sense that their time was well spent.

This instructor-led training event will show you how to make every meeting efficient and effective. This three hour-program offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key Topics:

  • Determining a meeting’s purpose and ensuring an action-oriented focus
  • Discovering how alternatives such as technology/social media, huddles, office hours, and open house can be used to achieve the meeting’s purpose
  • The 15-minute meeting philosophy and developing a different perspective on meetings to help ensure effective use of time
  • Eliminating unproductive meeting habits that occur before, during, and after a meeting
  • Preparing an effective meeting agenda to help ensure discussions are focused and to facilitate follow-up later on
  • Tips and techniques for effective facilitation during the meeting such as managing side issues

Participants Will Learn:

  • Recognize ways to change your mindset about meetings.
  • Eliminate habits that make meetings unproductive.
  • Identify alternatives to holding traditional meetings.
  • Demonstrate effective facilitation skills.
  • Help your group make decisions quickly.
  • Ensure that every meeting ends with actionable items.

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