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Mentoring 101 Instructor-Led Course

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Mentoring is not just for fast-tracked, star-potential employees. Everyone from Gen Z to CEOs can benefit from having a mentor. And for good reason: a study by Gartner found that mentoring resulted in promotions and salary increases at a higher rate for both mentees and mentors than those who didn’t participate at all. Retention rates for both groups were higher than for non-participants as well. Mentoring relationships no doubt have great reciprocal value.

This instructor-led course will show you how to establish and maintain a successful mentoring relationship from both the perspective of a mentor and a mentee to ensure you gain the most from the opportunity.

Key Topics:

  • Two routes to finding a mentor
  • Ways to protect and contribute to the relationship as a mentee
  • How to bring the relationship to a proper close
  • Understanding the importance of guiding instead of telling
  • How to deliver constructive criticism
  • Ways to help a mentee exceed expectations
  • Ways for a mentee to handle problems with their mentor and vice versa

Participants Will Learn:

  • Identify the elements of a good mentoring match.
  • Recognize the mentee’s responsibilities in the mentoring relationship.
  • Discover effective questioning techniques as a mentor.
  • Deliver constructive criticism to help a mentee improve their abilities.
  • Handle issues in the mentoring relationship.
  • Successfully move beyond the mentoring relationship.

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