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Navigating Difficult Conversations Instructor-Led Training

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Transform Workplace Dynamics Through Effective Conversations

Difficult conversations are inevitable in any workplace. Those conversations can create unhappiness, stress, and tension. They can also impair and even destroy relationships. When handled poorly, they are likely to result in serious problems that interfere with productivity and leave everyone involved feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

You can’t avoid these kinds of conversations, but you can learn how to handle them more effectively. Developing the ability to handle these challenges will pay off in terms of reduced stress, increased confidence, improved relationships, increased trust, fewer problems, better teamwork, higher productivity, and better career opportunities.

This virtual instructor-led training event will provide you with the tools to handle difficult conversations. This three-hour program offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key Topics of the Navigating Difficult Conversations Training

  • Types of conversations people find difficult to carry out and the reasons why they're difficult.
  • Essential questions to consider before carrying out the conversation.
  • Using empathetic language to establish trust and understanding.
  • Key methods for getting the conversation off to a good start.
  • Techniques for delivering the message tactfully, respectfully, and productively.

Participants Will Learn

  • The nature of difficult conversations and what it takes to handle them.
  • The seven stages of handling difficult conversations.
  • How to use empathy in a way that minimizes negative responses and strengthens relationships.
  • How to apply best practices for preparing, initiating, and delivering the conversation.
  • How to generate solutions and bring the conversation to a close.

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