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Negotiate Like a Pro Instructor-Led Course

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The simplest definition of negotiation is two or more people deciding how to allocate a resourcemoney, time, roles and responsibilities, etc. We negotiate all the time in our professional and personal lives. We negotiate about workload and assignments, budget allocations, conflicts with coworkers, changes to policies or operating proceduresin addition to what most people traditionally think of as negotiations involving buying and selling.

If you don’t like to negotiate or don’t feel like you do it well, it may be because you possess one of two nonproductive attitudes toward negotiating. The first is to view negotiation as a competition where one side wins and the other loses. This attitude reflects a common misperception that you and the other person have opposing goals, making it impossible for both of you to get what you want at the same time.

The second approach toward negotiation is to fear it and give in at the first sign of conflict. This outlook suggests a lack of confidence about the value of what you have to offer. Both of these attitudesviewing negotiation as a win-lose opportunity and viewing it as something to be fearedare likely to result in a less than ideal outcome. This instructor-led training event focuses on negotiating from a win-win mindset that results in a mutually beneficial agreement that is fair to both sides.

Key Topics:

  • How to move from a competitive to collaborative mindset and build rapport
  • How to uncover yours, and the other party’s needs/wants, and navigate the six elements of the negotiation process
  • Strategies for overcoming any attitudes or behaviors that may hamper the negotiation
  • How to accommodate differences in negotiating style

Participants Will Learn:

  • Recognize the benefits of adopting a win-win mindset
  • Identify characteristics of a good negotiator
  • Gain confidence by thoroughly preparing in advance

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