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Ongoing Performance Development Instructor-Led Course

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Ongoing performance development involves establishing a systematic process that managers can use to support employees. This process focuses on creating clear expectations for individual performance based on the organization’s goals. Sebastian Bailey, a Forbes.com contributor, reported on research that found employees whose managers excel at people development perform twenty-five percent better than employees whose managers struggle with it.

The goal of this instructor-led training event is to help managers improve their people development skills by implementing a performance management system that helps every employee achieve their peak performance potential.

Key Topics:

  • Drawbacks to annual performance appraisals
  • The four-step process to ongoing performance development
  • Understanding the link between competencies, accomplishments, and organizational goals
  • How to collect and prioritize data to identify competencies and accomplishments
  • Using qualitative and quantitative performance measurements to provide feedback and support
  • Recognizing issues having a negative impact on performance
  • Five steps to structure and ensure effective performance conversations
  • How to prepare for performance conversations and minimize escalated emotions
  • Using techniques of ongoing performance management with an annual appraisal

Participants Will Learn:

  • Differentiate between ongoing performance development and annual performance appraisals.
  • Recognize the benefits of using a systematic approach to performance management.
  • Create a performance management plan.
  • Establish objective measurements of performance.
  • Hold productive performance conversations and avoid conversation minefields.
  • Evaluate your own performance as a developer of your employees.

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