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Special Offer – Save 15% on the RTL Complete Collection with code RTLCC15. Limited time only!
Special Offer – Save 15% on the RTL Complete Collection with code RTLCC15. Limited time only!

Pump Them Up - Activity Binder

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Your team is floundering, morale is low - you're not sure what the problem is, but you know you need to do something fast. How do you pull together a team-building workshop that is guaranteed to work?

You need Pump Them Up! - a collection of 35 reproducible team-building workshops conveniently packaged in a 3-ring binder. In as little as two hours you can provide teams with on-target, hands-on training that will re-energize, re-focus, and re-commit team members.

Begin with one of the four reproducible assessments - great for pinpointing your teams' developmental needs. Then select from a collection of 35 fresh, innovative workshop activities that get participants thinking and doing. The binder also includes 7 additional inventories to enhance the workshop activities. All the materials are fully reproducible!

Workshop topics include:

  • Goals and Procedures
  • Communication
  • Trust and Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Leadership Growth and Development
  • Group Dynamics

Detailed information for each workshop includes: objective, background information, materials list, reproducible participant hand-outs, preparation guidelines, and step-by-step procedures for conducting the workshop.

Pump Them Up! Includes: 35 reproducible workshop activities, 4 reproducible assessments for diagnosing team strengths and weaknesses, and 7 additional reproducible assessments for enhancing workshop activities -- over 70 hours of team training!

What To Order

  • The Pump Them Up! Print & Digital Combo includes the facilitator guide in a convenient 3-ring binder format along with the Digital Version. The Digital materials will be delivered upon purchase.
  • The Pump Them Up! Digital Version includes the facilitator guide and support materials delivered as a single digital file for a paperless training experience.