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Put it in Writing Instructor-Led Training

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Craft Clear and Impactful Communication

Sharing information in the form of a report is an integral part of most workers’ daily responsibilities. Without the right information or the right delivery (both in writing and in person), a report can do more to hinder communication than support it. Many employees struggle in these areas, producing reports that are unorganized, wordy, overly formal or informal, and inconsistently formatted, resulting in unnecessary confusion and a loss of credibility.

Effective preparation and presentation are key to reporting. Taking the time to plan – to identify your purpose, your reader, and your key points – offers numerous benefits, both to you and your organization. Quality reports help add focus and context to decision making, manage expectations about current and future projects, instill accountability, encourage best practices and shared learning, and solve problems objectively.

This instructor-led training event will provide you with the tools you need to create effective reports. This three-hour program offers workplace tips, practice activities, and more.

Key Topics of the Put it in Writing Training

  • Understanding the three most common purposes of reports
  • How to tailor the content of a report to meet the specific needs of the audience
  • The three basic components that form the structure of most types of reports
  • Key ideas to highlight in reports that are intended to serve each of the three most common purposes
  • Writing techniques that lead to clear, credible, and effective reports
  • How to prevent the conditions that contribute to misrepresenting information

Participants Will Learn

  • To identify how to prepare the content and structure of your report.
  • The elements that make up some of the most common types of reports.
  • Techniques for making your report clear, credible, professional, and accurate.
  • How to effectively prepare and structure your reports.

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