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Reproducible Training Library Complete Collection Annual Renewal License (RTL)

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It's time to renew your RTL Complete Collection

This item is for clients who have previously purchased the RTL Complete Collection and wish to renew their annual license. If you have not yet purchased the RTTL Complete Collection, you can learn more about it here. 

The RTL renewal is an annual license agreement

Like your original purchase, annual renewal price varies depending upon organization employee size (not the number of employees you plan to train). You'll likely select the same license as you did with your original purchase. If your organization employee size has changed and you are now in a different license category, please contact us in advance of your purchase.

The RTL annual renewal license is for another one-year term. You'll be able to retain all the edits and implementations from your prior use of the RTL and have continued full use of the program materials with employees of your organization. 

You'll receive new and revised titles - Free

The RTL is constantly growing and improving. During the term of your license, and at no additional cost, you will receive a minimum of four new programs and updates, if any, to existing titles. Near the end of each license term we'll send you an email with a substantial discount off your Annual License Renewal. If you choose not to renew your license you agree to discontinue use of the RTL.

How to choose the correct RTL license

The RTL may be used with every employee in your organization. For that reason licenses are based upon the organization's total number of persons employed (rather than the number of employees you intend to train).

  • Business License – Organizations with less than 5,000 persons.
  • Corporate License – Organizations with 5,001-10,000 persons.
  • Enterprise License – Organizations with more than 10,000 persons.

Details of the RTL license

  • The RTL is intended for use within an organization for training of its employees. The library may not be distributed, sold, shared, or loaned. Please read the RTL End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to your purchase. 
  • Consultants and training companies are not eligible for direct purchase of the RTL. You may work with your client to purchase the RTL through the HRDQ Affiliate Program.
  • The RTL, along with all digital products sold by HRDQ, are not returnable. Please read our shopping policies and contact us for assistance in making a buying decision.