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Rocket: The Project Management Game

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In today's streamlined business world, project management is no longer strictly a specialty. Now, almost everyone is required to play the role of project manager despite lacking the necessary certifications, Gantt charts, or the Critical Path Method. Your employees need a solid skill set they can apply every day to meet this growing demand.

From subject matter expert Lou Russell, Rocket: The Project Management Game is a competitive team simulation emphasizing simple, fast, and flexible techniques for ensuring project success.

How It Works

Participants will be assigned to project teams and will face the challenge of building a rocket to exact specifications. A difficult task, as they are given limited knowledge and resources and are expected to complete the project both on budget and on time. Tension and pressure quickly grow as information is revealed and team dynamics emerge.

After the activity, the facilitator will conduct a debrief session where participants will discuss their experiences during the simulation and uncover the DARE model of project management.

Uses and Applications

Rocket provides insight into the choices we make every day as we work to complete the projects that support the strategies of our businesses and organizations. What makes this such an effective learning experience is the combination of an actual hands-on team challenge and Russell's four-step "Dare to Properly Manage Resources" model. The gameplay approach rapidly teaches your participants the importance of each phase, from planning to completion. This way, they can practice what is referred to as a "flexible structure."

Rocket is also based on the global industry standard, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK.) It fully supports project management as defined by the American Society of Training and Development’s Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP).

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this game, participants will:

  • Experience firsthand the skills required to manage projects effectively.
  • Understand the various challenges of project management.
  • Realize how to leverage personal strengths to improve project communication.
  • Learn how to apply the DARE model of project management.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Game.
    The Facilitator Guide is a detailed resource used to deepen participants’ understanding of the concepts throughout this game.
  • Target Audience: Employees of all levels.
  • Measures: How participants handle the pressure of project management.
  • Dimensions: Team synergy, communication, team-building skills, and decision-making.
  • Time Required: Two hours.

What to Order

Complete Game Kit: Order One Kit to Train Up to 16 Participants
The Complete Game Kit includes everything you need to run this simulation for 16 participants. All parts of the Game Kit are reusable except the Participant Guide. Facilitator support materials will be available to you as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Extra Game Pack: Order to Train an Additional 5 Participants
Train five additional participants with the reusable Rocket Extra Game Pack.

About the Author

Lou Russell is Director of Learning Services at Moser Consulting. She is the author of The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook, Project Management for Trainers, IT Leadership Alchemy, Leadership Training, and 10 Steps to Successful Project Management. She is a frequent contributor to Computer World, Cutter Executive Reports, and Network World, and publishes the monthly Learning Flash electronic newsletter.

A popular speaker, Ms. Russell addresses national and international conferences such as the Project Management Institute, Project World, and LotuSphere. She holds a computer science degree from Purdue University, where she taught database programming.

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