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Selling Essentials: Presenting Solutions Instructor-Led Training

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Unlock Your Sales Potential with Comprehensive Preparation

Effective salespeople understand the pivotal role of preparation in their success. They recognize that comprehensive preparation spans beyond mere product knowledge mastery; it encompasses understanding client needs, strategizing sales approaches, and refining persuasive techniques to secure deals.

However, mastering the art of sales isn't a matter of trial and error. It demands intentional effort and structured training. This is because cultivating the ability to empathize with clients, discern their requirements, brainstorm innovative solutions, and deliver compelling solutions necessitates continuous practice and refinement.

As a module of the Selling Essentials Training Series, this instructor-led course prepares your sales force with sales call tips to approach each sales call with the skill, confidence, and know-how to achieve results.

Key Topics

  • The difference between features and benefits
  • The importance of being perceptive and relating to the customer’s situation/needs
  • A presentation model with guidelines to help salespeople present in terms of benefits that match a customer’s strongest need
  • How to apply the four steps of the objection-handling model for identifying and responding to a customer’s concern
  • How to phrase questions in a way that clarifies how the customer feels and pinpoints their true hesitation
  • A closing model with guidelines to help salespeople effectively close after a presentation

Participants Will Learn

  • Effectively present solutions using the Presentation Model.
  • How to describe the features and benefits of a product or service.
  • To identify typical customer objections.
  • How to deal with and overcome objections using the Objection-Handling Model.
  • The steps for closing.
  • How to close the sale.
  • Sales call tips they can apply.

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