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Selling Essentials: What to Ask and How to Listen Instructor-Led Training

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A Guide for Sales Success

They've mastered prospecting, scoped out hot leads, and succeeded in getting their foot in the door. So far, your salespeople are off to a great start. But at this moment, they’re sitting face-to-face with their next (hopefully) new customer, and after an engaging opening, they stop and think, "Hmm? now what?" It's time to shift the focus to what your customers need.

Before your salespeople have the chance to jeopardize their next big deal, make sure they know how to keep the customer engaged, uncover their needs, learn their decision-making strategies, and know what not to say. Teach them what to ask and how to listen.

As a module of the Selling Essentials Training Series, this course shows salespeople how to ask the right questions, avoid communication shutdowns, maximize business discussions, and learn valuable active listening skills that will move the customer relationship forward.

Key Topics:

  • The framework of the initial sales call and how listening fits into it.
  • The importance of questioning in uncovering and clarifying customer needs.
  • The types of needs that customers may need to increase or decrease.
  • How and when to use closed, open-ended, and thought-provoking questions to reveal customers’ needs.
  • How the amount of words we can speak relative to the amount of words we can process affects our ability to listen.

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to identify types of questions to uncover customers’ needs.
  • How to identify typical needs and challenges that customers have.
  • How to describe challenges we have with listening.
  • How to demonstrate how to use active listening techniques.
  • How to identify and implement strategies for listening and questioning clients about their business needs.

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