Becoming A Customer Service Star

Starter Kit for up to 5 Participants
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Don’t just talk about providing better customer service – make it a reality!

Becoming a Customer Service Star helps both employees and managers examine their attitudes about customer service in five critical areas:
  • Having a positive attitude toward customers
  • Encouraging customer feedback
  • Responding to customer problems
  • Developing repeat relationships
  • Seeking to exceed customer expectations

How It Works
The assessment can be used to measure individual performance, build a service team, or identify changes needed in policies or operating procedures. Becoming a Customer Service Star is appropriate for anyone who has contact with customers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a profile of individual customer service strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize the opportunities to improve customer service and retention
  • Identify an individual action plan to enhance service in the five key areas

Product Type
Assessment and workshop

Time Required
1.5 hours

What to Order
Order one self assessment per individual and one facilitator guide per facilitator. Facilitator support materials will be available to you as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

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