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Supervisory Skills Questionnaire - HRDQ
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A supervisor's role can be challenging and stressful. This training solution is designed to swiftly equip supervisors with the necessary skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for their performance responsibilities.

Supervisory Skills

Assessment or workshop

Facilitator Guide (Print) Workbook (Print) Assessment (Print or Digital)

Supervisors at all levels of experience

Assessment: 1 hour Workshop: 4 hours


Making the step to supervisor can feel like a difficult or stressful transition for most people, especially because it takes skill to balance the needs of the organization with those of the workgroup. Start the wheels turning for all supervisors in your organization with the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire, the training solution that gets supervisors quickly up to speed and ready for performance. This is a tool thousands of trainers have relied upon for supervisor skills training, and now the fourth edition has just arrived with a fresh design and numerous enhancements.

From the fully revised Facilitator Guide, brand-new participant workbook, online assessments, and 180-degree direct report feedback form, to new skill-development and planning exercises, the fourth edition of Supervisory Skills Questionnaire offers a range of learning options for supervisors of all levels of experience. Equip your supervisors with the latest edition of our Supervisory Skills Questionnaire. With updated design and multiple new features, this training solution ensures that your supervisors are fully prepared for any performance demand.

How it works

Available in both online and printed formats, the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire assessment tools present individuals with a series of 30 real-world situations. Their task is to choose one of three possible response actions. Scores reveal an overall supervisory score as well as strengths and areas for improvement in five specific skills:

  • Guiding the work
  • Organizing the work
  • Developing your staff
  • Managing performance
  • Managing relations

In addition to the assessment, the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire includes a new online 180-degree feedback component that enables supervisors to understand how they are perceived by their direct reports. The comprehensive data provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of their performance and a benchmark they can use to create an action plan for improvement.

The assessment and the online 180-degree assessment take approximately 20 minutes to complete. If you are not facilitating the half-day, supervisory skills training workshop, we recommend you allow approximately one hour for the interpretation of results, debrief, and goal setting.

Trainer certification is not required to administer or facilitate the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire.

Learning outcomes

This comprehensive questionnaire will provide a deep understanding of the fundamental duties and obligations associated with being a supervisor. Not only that, but it will also assess strengths and weaknesses in five critical areas of supervisory skills training and guide the development of a strategic plan to enhance overall competence and effectiveness. By the end of this assessment, participants will:

  • Understand the core roles and responsibilities of a supervisor.
  • Measure performance in five key supervisory skills training areas.
  • Discover skill strengths and identify areas in need of improvement.

Uses and applications

The Supervisory Skills Questionnaire is excellent as a standalone learning instrument or part of a more comprehensive supervisory training courses. With comprehensive and adaptable content, the program covers skill areas that are integral to everyone from relatively inexperienced supervisors to seasoned veterans. This assessment is effective as a:

  • Centerpiece of a supervisor training or leadership development program.
  • Discussion starter to bring to the surface existing problems.
  • Readiness gauge for new supervisors.
  • Refresher for more experienced supervisors.
  • Mentoring tool for novice supervisors.
  • Follow-up assessment for measuring performance improvement.
  • Tool for further developing supervisor skills.

What to order

Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide per Trainer

The Supervisory Skills Questionnaire facilitator materials are packaged and sold together. Samples of all participant materials are included in the Facilitator Guide or in the Facilitator support materials available as a digital download.

Workbook 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants

Your Workbook deepens participants’ understanding of the assessment results and is used in the workshop. Organized by modules to easily follow along, it includes background information and theories about supervision, an explanation of the Supervisory Skills Model, in-depth interpretive information, individual and group activities, and a personal development plan, plus a bonus HRDQue Card.

Paper Assessment 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants

The print version is ideal for facilitators who prefer to oversee scoring and administration of the assessment if you don't know who the participants will be before the class begins, or if your learners do not have easy access to computers. It includes pressure-sensitive forms for scoring to aid manual tabulation.

HRDQue Card 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants

An excellent takeaway for participants, the HRDQue Card is a quick-reference tool that features the Supervisory Skills Model, summarizes each skill, and lists best practices. A copy is provided with each Workbook and in this Facilitator Guide, and we also offer additional copies for purchase.

Online Assessment: Order One per Participant

The online assessment is administered to participants through the HRDQ Assessment Center and includes personalized reporting, full-color charts, interpretive information, worksheets, and action planning. A detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator/administrator when complete.

Online Assessment with Feedback: Order One per Participant

The online assessment contains questions identical to those in the Assessment booklet and generates a personalized PDF report for participants with their results automatically calculated and charted.

Poster: Order One per Trainer

The full-color poster can be used as a quick reference and visual aid during the workshop. The reverse side features the HRDQ Experiential Learning Model.

QuickStart Train-the-Trainer: One-hour Virtual Coaching Session for this Product

QST is a convenient, one-hour virtual coaching session for first-time facilitators of this product. You'll receive personalized, one-on-one coaching with a subject matter expert who will get you up to speed quickly and accurately so you can step into the onsite with confidence. We'll answer all your questions about facilitation of the product. And, you can add additional coaching hours as needed. Your coaching session can be provided by telephone or video call, and at a time of your choosing.

Facilitators will also receive an HRDQ Certificate of Completion for completing the QuickStart session.

About the authors

Eileen M. Russo, Ph.D., is the former vice president of research and development for HRDQ. She has a Ph.D. in social psychology with a minor in organizational behavior, an MS in social psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, and a BA in psychology from Fairfield University. Her work includes research in social influence, group behavior, decision making, and perceptions of control at work. Dr. Russo is the author of many HRDQ products, including the bestselling What's My Communication Style assessment.


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