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Team Communication Inventory

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Foster Effective Team Communication

Team meetings are an important means of making decisions, improving quality, and solving work problems. However, in order for your meetings to be productive and stimulating, effective communication is key – your team needs to engage in a healthy team discussion. Improve the overall quality of your team discussions and meetings with the Team Communication Inventory, a training tool designed to identify the tendencies and roles team members typically play during team interaction.

This training tool utilizes a scientific approach to analyze each team member's communication style and tendencies, leading to improved decision making, quality, and problem solving. Ensure a productive and engaged team discussion every time.

How It Works

Using specific discussions, respondents rate themselves on the use of seven task roles and seven maintenance roles. Individuals then gain additional insight into their behavior. Finally, action plans help teams make specific plans for improvement as individuals and as a group.

The participant booklet includes pressure-sensitive scoring and perforated response cards to facilitate the feedback process. In addition to administrative guidelines and theoretical background, the Facilitator Guide includes tips on strengthening task and maintenance roles.

Group Maintenance Roles:

  1. Encourager
  2. Gatekeeper
  3. Compromiser
  4. Harmonizer
  5. Energizer
  6. Processor
  7. Standard
  8. Setter

Group Task Roles:

  1. Initiator
  2. Information giver
  3. Information seeker
  4. Challenger
  5. Coordinator
  6. Evaluator
  7. Completer

Uses and Applications

The purpose of this learning instrument is to help groups or teams improve their ability to have meaningful discussions, solve problems, and make decisions. Team Communication Inventory can assist the process by providing a simple vehicle for analyzing the communication dynamics of any group discussion, problem-solving session, or training exercise.

Note: Team Communication Inventory is an excellent follow-up to any HRDQ Survival Simulation.

Learning Outcomes

Discover your strengths and weaknesses to improve your communication skills, and create a personal action plan to apply them in a meaningful way. By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the major components of communication.
  • Identify the characteristics of successful team communication.
  • Evaluate one's communication strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a personal action plan for improving and applying communication skills.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and build a successful team.

Product Details

Product Type: Assessment. The Facilitator Guide is an in-depth binder designed to help trainers swiftly administrate the assessment.

Target Audience: Teams of all sizes and industries

Measures: How team members interact and present themselves to others

Dimensions: Communication, team building, and assertiveness skills

Time Required: Three to four hours

What to Order

Facilitator Guide

Order one guide per trainer. The Facilitator Guide contains:

  • Administrative guidelines
  • Background information
  • Sample training design
  • Sample copy of the re-formatted Paper Assessment
  • Certificate of Achievement template
  • Training evaluation template
  • Convenient 3-ring binder format

Paper Assessment 5-Pack

Order one pack for up to five participants. The paper assessment contains:

  • Assessment
  • Pressure-sensitive response form
  • Interpretive information
  • Action planning

About the Author

Rollin Glaser, Ed.D., is an accomplished trainer, consultant, and expert in the field of adult learning, and is also the co-founder and former chief executive officer of HRDQ. He holds several degrees, including a BS from Northwestern University and an M.Ed. from Northeastern University, as well as an MA and Ed.D. from Columbia University. Mr. Glaser is also the author of Personnel Management for Retailers and co-author of The Management of Training and Managing by Design.