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TeamBook Activity Collection

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Transform Simple Work Groups into Cohesive Teams

TeamBook serves as an invaluable resource, brimming with innovative ideas and meticulously crafted exercises tailored for trainers and program designers dedicated to transforming mere work groups into seamlessly integrated, cohesive teams.

TeamBook acts as a potent catalyst, igniting the transformation of teamwork dynamics and the cultivation of impactful relationships. TeamBook presents a comprehensive array of 27 meticulously curated activities to enhance teamwork skills. Within its introductory chapters lie the foundational principles of team building, building team goals, and outlining participant guidelines to ensure optimal engagement and development.

How It Works

This book is a collection of ideas and exercises that can be utilized by trainers or program designers who are dedicated to the task of guiding work groups toward becoming cohesive teams.

The book contains five sections that trainers and participants will move through: 

  • Section 1: Starters (Ice Breakers) – consists of three exercises such as "Team Starter" for teams whose members each manage the work of others who are external to the team.
  • Section 2: Energizers (Energize Your Group) – consists of four exercises such as "Nerftime," a high-involvement activity using Nerf® balls to demonstrate the unnecessary restrictions we often put on ourselves.
  • Section 3: Interpersonal Feedback (Interpersonal Perceptions) – consists of four exercises such as "Cards Lineup," which shows how to give and receive precise appreciation of one another in a dramatic and forceful manner.
  • Section 4: Diagnostics (Group Effectiveness) – consists of 12 exercises such as "Test #2," recognizing common memory through a quick, problem solving exercise.
  • Section 5: Planning (Concrete Action Plans) – consists of four exercises such as "Strategic Action Planning", a step-by-step plan to overcome barriers to realizing team and organizational goals.

Uses and Applications

TeamBook can be used as a standalone training instrument or incorporated into a more comprehensive program on team building program to establish core competencies of effective teamwork.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn the necessary components for productive teams:

  • To understand one another better
  • To develop commitment to common goals, to improve communication within the group, and to clarify the roles of team members.
  • To analyze and capitalize on interdependencies
  • To improve both the ability to perform tasks together and to get along with one another in the process

What to Order

The TeamBook Print & Digital Combo

This includes the facilitator guide in a convenient 3-ring binder format along with the Digital Version. The Digital materials will be delivered upon purchase.

The TeamBook Digital Version

This includes the facilitator guide and support materials delivered as a single digital file for a paperless training experience.

About the Authors

Dr. John E. Jones is the president of Organizational Universe Systems. John is probably best known as co-founder of University Associates and co-editor of experience-based training and consulting handbooks and annuals. He consults widely with such clients as AT&T Communications and AT&T Bell Laboratories, Baxter Healthcare, Coors, GMC, Xerox, Kaiser-Permanente, Hughes Aircraft, ARC International (Tokyo), and numerous not-for-profit organizations in education and government.

Dr. William L. Bearley is vice president of Organizational Universe Systems. Bill is an information systems and organization development consultant, combining his computer expertise with a solid background in human resources. Bill has collaborated with John on instrumentation in team building, decision making, burnout, and organizational change. He consults with numerous clients, such as AT&T Communications, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Honeywell, Xerox, Loreal, and many educational and healthcare organizations. Bill pioneered the fusion of OD with the introduction of management information systems.

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