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TeamShare applies the Johari model of interpersonal communication to your team's communication patterns. This model examines the interchange of information by presenting four modes of information. These modes include:

  1. Open-self
  2. Blind-self
  3. Concealed-self
  4. Unknown-self

By focusing on these four modes, TeamShare provides groups with the vehicle they need to gain an increased feeling of trust.

How it Works

TeamShare is a team-building workshop composed of three sections. These sections work together to help develop insight and openness amongst team members. This instrument begins with a self-analysis, moves to a partner analysis, which then leads to a full team discussion. The exercise is structured in this manner to allow participants to gain experience in the feedback process in a non-threatening manner. The exercise includes discussion questions and action planning so that team members can continue to increase the openness of their team communication.

Part I: Allows respondents a chance to evaluate themselves by interpreting the reference to “this person” as meaning themselves.

Part II: Involves a non-threatening feedback session in which team members exchange feedback with a partner.

Part III: Promotes a discussion by the team of the overall openness of the team’s communication.

Uses and Applications

TeamShare helps teams examine the extent to which they openly share information. This helps them develop the skills required to communicate openly.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Help their team improve the quantity and quality of its communication
  • Provide a forum for an exchange of ideas
  • Allow the team to learn how to handle feedback and receive feedback
  • Help their team improve future decision-making discussions

Product Details

  • Product Type: Assessment. The Facilitator Guide is an in-depth resource used by the trainer to swiftly administer the assessment and workshop.
  • Target Audience: Intact teams who are experiencing difficulty sharing information.
  • Measures: The extent to which team members share information.
  • Dimensions: Communication and team synergy.
  • Time Required: 1.5 to 2 hours.

What to Order

Paper Assessment 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The Paper Assessment is ideal for overseeing, scoring, and administrating the assessment. It provides pressure-sensitive forms for scoring manual tabulation.

About the Authors

Rollin Glaser, Ed.D. is chairman of HRDQ. He holds a BS from Northwestern University, an Me.D. from Northeastern University, a MA from Columbia University, and an Ed.D. in adult education from Columbia. Dr. Glaser is the author of Personnel Management for Retailers and co-author of The Management of Training and Managing by Design.

Eileen M. Russo, Ph.D. is former vice president of research and development for HRDQ. She has a Ph.D. in social psychology with a minor in organizational behavior and an MS in social psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Russo has a BA in psychology from Fairfield University.