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The Basics of Style Instructor-Led Training

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Navigating Team Dynamics by Understanding Personality Styles

Have you ever wondered why you “click” with some people but not others? Why one team works well together while another struggles with ongoing discord? Why you complain about your boss when your coworker gets along great with them? The answer lies in understanding personality style.

We define personality style as the way you act when you are able to do things your own way. In other words, you have a preference for behaving in a particular way, and that preference comes to light when you have the freedom to behave as you wish. For example, some people prefer a regular routine, while others thrive on variety. Some people excel at handling details, while others would rather focus on big-picture issues. These preferences are a result of personality style. Personality style differences like these account for much of the conflict and miscommunication that occurs in the workplace and that negatively affects productivity and morale.

This instructor-led training event will help you recognize your own personality style as well as the styles of those you work with. Using that information, you can adapt your behavior to improve communication, effectiveness, and morale in the workplace. This three-hour program offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key Topics:

  • The HRDQ Style Model, including its origins, the two dimensions of personality, and the four styles it represents.
  • Recognizing style clues by observing verbal language, body language, workspace, time management, and learning methods.
  • How to share constructive feedback and discuss sensitive situations with each style in order to increase positive reception.
  • How to recognize the signs of stress in each style and respond appropriately as well as strategies for effectively resolving conflict.
  • How to coach each style to increase follow-through on areas of needed improvement.
  • The elements of effective teamwork, the styles that enhance them, and the team roles that play to each style’s strengths.

Participants Will Learn:

  • The concepts behind the HRDQ Style Model.
  • To identify the strengths, trouble spots, and observable characteristics of each of the four styles.
  • How to flex style in order to improve communication, leadership, and teamwork.
  • To identify the style pairs most likely to experience conflict and those most likely to be compatible

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