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The Write Way to Communicate Instructor-Led Training

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Master Clear and Effective Written Communication

Good writing skills are imperative in the workforce at every organizational level. Everyone's job requires some form of written communication. Those who are able to communicate well in writing are an asset not only to themselves but to their company because clear, professional writing saves time, reflects positivity, and builds credibility, which is why business writing skills training is essential.

If you lack confidence in your writing skills, you are not alone. A survey of 318 employers found that 80% said colleges are not doing a good job and should focus more on written and oral communication. Others blame technology and the prevalence of texting and tweeting.

Regardless of the reason, improving your business writing skills is critical. Knowing you can compose documents quickly and easily and be assured that they communicate what your readers need to know makes your job easier. And you'll be more likely to get a job or promotion. According to studies, 50% of all companies take writing into consideration when hiring.

This business writing skills training focuses on giving you the knowledge and tools to make the writing process easier and more successful. You'll learn how to plan and organize your message, as well as how to improve your writing to make it clear and concise. You'll feel confident creating messages that engage the reader and get the results you want. Much of this course speaks about writing in the context of email, since it is the most dominant method of communication in today's workplace; however, many of the techniques are applicable no matter the method/form of writing.

Key Topics of The Write Way to Communicate Training

  • The Email Writing Process
  • Polishing with Style and Readability
  • Improving Your Writing Efficiency
  • Writing in Special Situations

Participants Will Learn

  • To identify the most appropriate mode of communication, such as email, chat, or phone call.
  • To consider the purpose of their writing and how to tailor the message to the reader.
  • Exploration techniques and tools for planning, streamlining, and reviewing your writing.
  • How to discover and effectively address sensitive issues.

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