What's My Selling Style Online Assessment

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What makes one salesperson successful and another unsuccessful? Popular books target characteristics such as ambition, initiative, self-confidence, tact... the list goes on. The common thread? Personality! Whether or not salespeople are aware of it, their personality shines through every interaction.

Salespeople who know their selling style and can flex it to match their clients' style are more successful than those who don't. What's My Selling Style is a quick and easy way for salespeople to identify the personal style, pinpoint their clients' styles, and then make adjustments where necessary.

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How It Works

What's My Selling Style starts with a 20-item self assessment that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Individuals complete each sales-related statement with the word or phrase that best describes their typical approach to sales. Scoring the assessment reveals "My Selling Style Profile" and a dominant preference for one or more four personal styles:

  • Direct
  • Spirited
  • Considerate
  • Systematic

The What's My Selling Style Facilitator guide includes everything you need to lead a successful training session from comprehensive background information and activities to a PowerPoint presentation. The Facilitator Guide also offers an easy-to-follow workshop outline that expands What's My Selling Style into a 1.5-hour program.

Uses and Applications

What's My Selling Style? is appropriate for anyone to use for both personal and management development. The assessment can be used as a standalone training assessment, or it can be incorporated into a more comprehensive sales or negotiating training program.
What’s My Selling Style is designed to help individuals identify:
  • How they typically behave in a sales situation
  • How to adjust their selling style for increased sales
  • How to identify the personal styles of their customers

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this assessment, participants will:

  • Identify one of four personal selling-style preferences
  • Understand how to leverage style strengths and avoid trouble spots
  • Learn the clues to determine customers' personal styles
  • Discover how to adjust to match the customer's style
  • Find out how to sell to any personal style

Also see the classroom version of this assessment.