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Workplace Violence Instructor-Led Training

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Navigate Conflict and Build Safe Work Environments

Workplace violence prevention is critical for every organization in order to make their employees feel safe. The repercussions of acts of aggression or threats extend far beyond physical harm – the lasting consequences of these acts greatly impact the individuals involved, as well as the overall well-being and productivity of the work environment. Chronic, unresolved, or improperly managed conflict in the workplace can serve as a catalyst, transforming a situation from mere frustration into full-fledged acts of violence.

Addressing this critical concern, our program, Workplace Violence: Prevention & Response, aims to empower participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to recognize and manage distress and anger in others. Beyond mere recognition, the course delves into comprehensive strategies designed to minimize the conditions within the workplace that contribute to employee discontent.

This instructor-led training equips participants with communication techniques and comprehensive policies to create a workplace where safety, respect, and collaboration thrive. Participants will learn the knowledge and skills needed to identify, prevent, and effectively respond to potential workplace violence and threats to create an environment where everyone feels safe and heard.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the difference between violence and threats.
  • Recognizing how anger manifests itself in ourselves and others.
  • Identifying red flags that indicate there is a larger issue.
  • Approaching the angered individual and respond in an understanding and productive way.
  • Restoring order after an incident of workplace violence.

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to recognize the varying degrees of anger and how to recognize anger in others.
  • How to apply constructive problem solving approaches to diffuse tense conversations before they escalate.
  • The appropriate actions to take when faced with perceived threats.
  • How to implement a violence prevention policy and how to create an emergency response plan.
  • The necessary steps to take after an incident involving workplace violence.
  • How to identify factors contributing to employee dissatisfaction and those that enhance overall engagement.

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