Expand your team's ability to make effective decisions.

Training simulations are a trending choice for team development training because they are proven to work and are a powerful way to introduce team synergy. A concept encourages team members to quickly develop vital group-process skills such as consensus decision making, problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution in a non-threatening learning environment.

Every HRDQ adventure simulation starts with a suspense-filled scenario that challenges teams to work together to escape danger with only limited resources - and each other. Rest easy, knowing most people will never encounter these survival situations. However, they do mimic comparable feelings of stress and conflict you might experience every day at work.

Team Adventure Series products are useful as a standalone training instrument or incorporated into a more comprehensive program on team-building. They are also useful as a component for problem-solving and decision-making training programs.

Black Bear

On an early-morning hike in the Great Smoky Mountains, your group is surprised by a massive black bear – with near-fatal results. Challenge your group to make quality decisions in a crisis. Black Bear is a great training exercise for any group working in a high-pressure environment.


A pleasure cruise along the French Polynesian Island goes sour when your group is stranded on a deserted, nameless island. Your task: rank the 10 action alternatives best, ensuring your team's survival. Marooned works perfectly as a fun and instructive icebreaker.

Beyond the Valley of the Kings

An Egyptian hot-air balloon tour ends in trauma when it crash-lands in the endless white sands of the Sahara Desert. The heat is on, while the group must think quickly to consider and rank the best action alternatives under pressure. Beyond the Valley Kings is an excellent simulation for strategic planning teams.


Experience the exotic, eerie beauty of the Australian bush country before getting lost in uncharted territory. With limited time and light resources, teams must rank action alternatives and day pack items by practicing leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Zombie Outbreak

You're chatting in the breakroom when frenzy stirs over an employee acting exceptionally strange. You and your co-workers must band together to make vital decisions about what to do to survive a Zombie Outbreak; a fun and constructive tool for teams amid conflict.

Vacation in the Keys

You're on the deck of your chartered fishing boat in the Florida Keys, when someone turns the ignition key – and a powerful explosion blows the boat to bits! Can your group survive its ill-fated vacation? Fine-tune your team's ingenuity and cohesiveness with this high-energy exercise.

Cave Without a Name

Can your team endure the terror of being trapped throughout the unexplored passageways of a dark and treacherous cave? Cave Without a Name develops a full range of group-process skills, including consensus decision making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.


Deep in the northern wilderness, a leisurely canoe trip almost sparks tragedy when your group's boat capsizes into ice windswept waters. The Swamped simulation helps individuals work together to rank ten salvaged items for survival and is a perfect team-builder for any organization.


A dog sledding adventure in Alaska turns perilous when your team becomes trapped in an unexpected blizzard. Amidst the blinding snow and dropping temperature, sparks interpersonal struggles. Will you be able to overcome conflict and save yourselves and your hypothermic team members?

Team Adventure Series

Survival simulations emphasize the importance of group processing skills and prepare participants for making tough decisions under pressure. Send your teams on an extrinsic learning adventure they'll never forget - without ever leaving the office!