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Starter Kit for up to 5 Participants
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This manager leadership profile assessment illustrates how competence, as both a manager and a leader, can contribute to meeting the demands of the marketplace.


Today's business environment demands that all managers effectively display both leadership and management skills. However, managers often aren't clear on what distinguishes these competencies - or how to balance these two different yet complementary skill sets.

The Leader-Manager Profile enables both your managers and your organization to achieve success. This 36-item assessment illustrates for managers how their competence as both a manager and a leader can contribute to meeting the demands of the marketplace.

How It Works

The assessment presents 36 statements pertaining to either managing or leading. After scoring is complete, participants create a profile by plotting their leadership and management scores (as well as sub scores for six individual competencies) on charts. Feedback scores from associates provide a side-by-side comparison. Finally, an action planning activity, worksheet, and reflection questions provide a framework for improvement.

Uses and Applications

The Leader-Manager Profile is effective when used as a stand-alone instrument as well as a component of a larger management or leadership training program.


Learning Outcomes

  • Clarify the differences between leading and managing
  • Pinpoint the skills needed to be effective in each role
  • Understand how to balance and improve the two skills sets


The Leader-Manager Profile is based on the works of several well-known management experts including Bennis, Kotter, Kouzes, Posner, and others. The model for the assessment exemplifies both leadership and management skills and competencies.

Product Details

Facilitator guide includes:
  • Administrative guidelines
  • Optional 2-hour workshop
  • Experiential learning methodology
  • The Leader-Manager Model
  • Technical information including reliability, validity and normative data
  • Sample training design
  • Training outline template
  • Four supplemental activities
  • Sample copy of the redesigned participant guide
  • Convenient binder format
Self-assessment includes:
  • 36-item inventory
  • Pressure-sensitive response form
  • Diagrams for charting scores
  • Interpretive information
  • The Balanced Leader-Manager Model
  • Reflection questions
  • Action planning
Feedback form includes:
  • 36-item inventory
  • Pressure-sensitive response form

Product Type
Assessment and workshop

Time Required
1.5 hours

What to Order

Order one facilitator guide per facilitator and one participant guide per participant. To provide managers with peer feedback, we recommend ordering three feedback forms per participant. Facilitator support materials will be available to you as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

James P. Eicher is the creator of Cognitive Management. He is an author and has taught seminars and consulted for many well-known companies. He has a bachelor's degree in theoretical linguistics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a master's degree in educational psychology from UCLA.