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The Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory assessment evaluates leader strengths and weaknesses based on practices designed to cultivate the qualities of great leaders, build a leadership-focused culture, and drive business success.



Facilitator Guide (Print) Workbook (Print) Assessment (Print or Digital)

Leaders and business owners

1.5 hours


When most people think of the term "legacy," they often think of something one leaves behind. But what if you were living your legacy now? What if your vision for the future was evident in everything you do every day?

The Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory (LLCI) is a philosophy, model, and proven process for developing leaders, establishing leadership culture, and positively impacting the bottom line. The assessment, available in online and print formats, evaluates leader strengths and weaknesses based on "The Five Best Practices" of the "being" and "doing" of leadership. Learn how to cultivate the qualities of great leaders, build a leadership-focused culture, and drive business success with the Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory. By investing in your leadership skills now, you can leave a lasting legacy of success.

How it works

The Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory is a comprehensive training package including a self-assessment, online multi-rater assessment, workbook, and one-day workshop. The self- and multi-rater assessments evaluate leader strengths and weaknesses based on "The Five Best Practices" of the "being" and "doing" of leadership:

  1. Holder of vision and values
  2. Creator of collaboration and innovation
  3. Influencer of inspiration and leadership
  4. Advocator of differences and community
  5. Calibrator of responsibility and accountability

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand that legacy is created by leaders.
  • Learn the "Five Best Practices" model and the associated 10 Critical Success Skills.
  • Identify their top three strengths and challenges in each of the five best practices.
  • Discover how to shift one's thinking to serve others first, then oneself.
  • Develop an action plan for becoming a "Legacy Leader."

Uses and applications

What makes the LLCI different from other programs is that it offers a compelling set of leadership practices designed to perpetuate a cycle of leadership development. It delivers a comprehensive framework of practices, behaviors, attitudes, and values that address every aspect of successful leadership – regardless of the industry, amount of experience, or organizational role. LLCI offers a comprehensive and applicable framework of practices, behaviors, attitudes, and values that are proven to cultivate leadership abilities in any industry, regardless of experience or role within an organization.

What to order

Facilitator Guide

Order one guide per trainer. This detailed, step-by-step guide for planning and delivering a powerful learning experience gives you everything you need to facilitate a full-day workshop. It includes background information, assessment instructions, scripts, discussion questions, activities, and samples of the assessment.

Workbook 5-Pack

Order one pack for up to five participants. Designed to support the workshop and be used in tandem with the Paper Assessment, the full-color Workbook contains interpretive information, discussion questions, action planning, and much more.

Paper Assessment 5-Pack

Order one pack for up to five participants. This is a comprehensive takeaway that includes critical content, worksheets, and forms used during the workshop, as well as additional tools for on-the-job use.

Online Assessment

Order one per participant. The foundation for the workshop, the online assessment is administered to participants through the HRDQ Assessment Center. A full-color, detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator/administrator when complete.

Online Assessment (Multi-Rater)

Order one per participant. The online multi-rater assessment provides leaders with specific information about how they are perceived by their employees, including an analysis of strong points and blind spots.

Playing Card Set

Order one set for up to five participants. The Playing Card Set gives participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with others as a panel by answering situational questions based on one of the best practices.

Wallet Card Set

Order one set for up to five participants. This is a reminder card for participants outlining the key takeaways from the workshop to help them strengthen their commitment to leadership growth.

Companion Book

Order one book per trainer. Used along with the assessment, this companion book supports the full workshop. It contains in-depth information about Legacy Leadership and includes interpretive results, discussion questions, The Legacy Leadership Model, and both team and individual action planning. The workbook also serves as a useful post-training reference tool.

QuickStart Train-the-Trainer (QST)

A one-hour virtual coaching session for this product. QST is a convenient, one-hour virtual coaching session for first-time facilitators of this product. You'll receive personalized, one-on-one coaching with a subject matter expert who will get you up to speed quickly and accurately so you can step into the onsite with confidence. We'll answer all your questions about the facilitation of the product. And you can add additional coaching hours as needed. Your coaching session can be provided by telephone or video call and at a time of your choosing. Facilitators will also receive an HRDQ Certificate of Completion for completing the QuickStart session.

About the authors

Dr. Jeanine Sandstrom is a master-certified coach and the CEO of CoachWorks International. As a proponent of life-long learning, she believes in constant training and conditioning to be prepared for life's decisive moments and biggest opportunities. Dr. Sandstrom employs expert leadership training methodology to condition executives to perform at the top of their game. She advises on complex strategic matters and partners with leaders in taking concrete actions for immediate results. This approach encourages timely breakthroughs, improved performance, and bottom-line results.

Dr. Lee Smith is a highly experienced executive leadership coach working with C-level leaders and their executive teams. She has a proven record in coaching and developing leaders in realizing solutions to critical executive issues, addressing change, and delivering results. In her work, Dr. Smith serves as a coach, leader, strategic change agent, teacher, encourager, and trusted advisor. As president of CoachWorks International, her clients include Fortune 500 companies and other organizations and non-profits. Dr. Smith holds one of the first international certifications as a master-certified coach. Her doctorate is in organizational behavior and psychology, with an undergrad in business.


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