Team Effectiveness Profile Online Assessment

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The Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) serves as a detailed assessment and workshop designed to assist groups in improving their output and work satisfaction. Under normal circumstances, issues blocking a group's effectiveness may not be apparent. However, issues remaining undisclosed can drain a group's energy and undermine its productive efforts. The TEP was developed to help groups systematically identify these exact types of issues.

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How It Works

The TEP was designed to function as a self-administered learning instrument. Everything required is contained in the Participant Guide — directions for completing the Inventory, scoring, and interpretation. Although there is no time limit imposed on the completion of the TEP, groups are usually finished responding to the items in 15–20 minutes.
Individual scoring can be completed easily in 10–15 minutes. Development of the profile will vary, depending on the number of people that comprise the group. A group facilitator may wish to structure and guide this process in the following ways:
  • Clarify the group being evaluated (people may be members of more than one group)
  • Emphasize the need for candid responses so that the group may benefit from the opportunity to discuss areas that are troubling to the group as a whole
  • Assure the group of the anonymity of their individual responses
  • Expand on the definitions used to evaluate the 50 statements
  • Assist in collecting, reporting, and comparing group data
  • Help the group to confront its more sensitive issues

Uses and Applications

The purpose of the Team Effectiveness Profile is to help groups improve their output and work satisfaction. By doing so, participants will be able to:
  • Identify issues that block effectiveness
  • Reduce or eliminate problems that can drain a group's energy
  • Maximize the group's productive efforts

Learning Outcomes

The team effectiveness profile is most appropriate for intact work groups - groups that have some history of working together. It can also be used to prepare a newly-formed group for the kinds of issues that may block its success in the future. Uses include:

  • Measuring performance before and after team building initiatives
  • Unblocking struggling teams
  • Orienting new teams to potential problems

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