What's My Learning Style Online Assessment

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Part of HRDQ's best-selling Style Suite, What's My Learning Style helps trainers and individuals maximize learning results through developing an understanding of behavioral style. The instrument identifies adult learning preferences and helps individuals apply this knowledge to build on strengths, minimize weaknesses and become more flexible at using different learning styles.

Before you roll out your next training initiative, it is important to first consider how the individuals in your audience learn. Every person uses a preferred personal learning style during the learning process, whether or not they are conscious of it. Some people learn best in a group, while others prefer to learn independently. Some approach learning with enthusiasm; some require time for reflection. There isn't one "correct" style, but building awareness of behavioral style for your learners is the key to maximizing results for both your audience and your training efforts.

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How It Works

The purpose of What’s My Learning Style is to help individuals recognize their preferences for the way in which they learn. It is a quick and effective tool that accurately identifies a preference for one of four learning styles: direct, spirited, considerate, or systematic. In addition to becoming familiar with their preferences, individuals will learn how to maximize the strengths of that style, overcome any potential trouble spots, and develop the ability to function using a variety of different styles.

What's My Learning Style starts with a 20-item self assessment that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Individuals rate how characteristic the statements are of their learning preferences. Scoring the assessment reveals a dominant preference for one or more four personal styles:

  • Direct
  • Spirited
  • Considerate
  • Systematic

Uses and Applications

What's My Learning Style is ideal for training anyone who needs to influence others towards achieving a goal, and it is appropriate for both new and experienced leaders. You can use the learning style assessment as a standalone training instrument, or it can be incorporated into a more comprehensive program. It makes an effective component in training programs for a variety of topics, including:

  • Learning style
  • Human resources
  • Assigning tasks
  • Management
  • Supervisory skills

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this assessment, participants will:

  • Identify preference for one of four learning styles
  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each learning style
  • Discover how to approach all types of learning in a way that is comfortable
  • Create a plan to branch out of the "style comfort zone"

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