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Negotiation Training Courses from HRDQ

Negotiation Training Courses from HRDQ

The ability to negotiate is a strategic art. While it may come naturally for some, for others, it must be learned. Teaching your employees negotiating strategies, methods, and techniques can help transform them from average negotiators to experts. Explore these negotiation training courses from HRDQ!

HRDQ offers a wide selection of negotiation skills training materials, from assessments to comprehensive workshops, games, and more. View our full negotiation collection today!

Selling Essentials

Train your employees to engage with customers and better determine their needs with our Selling Essentials training program. This customizable workshop

Selling Essentials: What to Ask and How to Listen Customizable Course will teach participants how to listen with purpose. Participants will also discover important decision-making strategies to help them navigate client negotiations. Learning what not to say is just as important as effective communication, which is another key objective in this comprehensive course.

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Negotiate Like a Pro

For a course that offers a complete overhaul on negotiation perspectives and best practices, consider Negotiate Like a Pro. The workshop begins with a clear definition of what negotiation is. This can help to reframe your team memNegotiate Like a Pro Customizable Courseber’s attitudes toward this important skill. Then, we’ll address the two primary reasons why people have negative connotations about negotiations and dispel these misconceptions. The key to nailing a negotiation is having the right outlook and the ability to smoothly overcome obstacles. With this workshop, you can provide your team with these important tools for success. 

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Dealing With Tough Negotiators

When the heat is on in a negotiation, how will your employees react? Prepare your team to gear up against even the strongest of negotiators with the Dealing With Tough Negotiators training workshop. This program will provide your workers with the necessary skills to remain cool and confident during any discussion.

This negotiation training course begins with a 30-question assessment to identify participants’ strengths and weaknesses in five key negotiating skill areas: developing data, handling information strategically, refocusing the discussion, maintaining composure, and being creative. From there, your team will learn to capitalize on their strengths while working to improve their weaknesses, so they can become skilled experts on both the offensive and defensive side of negotiations.

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Strike Fighter

Put your employee’s skills to the test with our action-packed Strike Fighter negotiation simulation. If you’d like, you can start with this learning-rich experience to establish a baseline, then enjoy the experience once more after further equipping your team with additional training. If you want to ensure your workers have the skills they need before taking on real-world negotiations, this fun, interactive game is the perfect test.

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Common Currency

Common Currency is another exciting negotiation game that emphasizes the power and importance of cooperative competition. In other words, sometimes employees require a bit of competition to produce their best results—but they still rely on others to reach their ultimate goals. This is an important concept to grasp in the negotiation world, because the goal of negotiation is to reach a desirable outcome by deciding how to allocate and exchange resources. Through this thoughtful interactive experience, your employees will get real practice with their negotiation skills, and they’ll grow stronger as a team to help one another produce better overall results.

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Improve Negotiation Skills with HRDQ

If you’d like to discover more great negotiation training courses and activities, explore the full HRDQ Negotiation collection today! There are many facets of negotiation and so many effective strategies to learn. Our training consultants are here to equip you and your team with the tools you need to thrive. Soon, you and your employees will be working flawlessly with your customers, overcoming even the toughest of discussions, and reaching more win-win solutions than ever before. Start developing your team today!

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