Decide X Strategic Decision-Making Instrument

Decide X Instrument - 5-Pack

Decide X is a 24-question organizational engineering instrument developed from the work of Dr. Gary J. Salton. Organizational Engineering is defined as a branch of knowledge that seeks to understand, measure, predict, and guide the behavior of groups in a way that produces positive organizational outcomes.

Decide X shows how you and others in the organization make decisions. Based on information processing theory, Decide X breaks decision making down into four styles: Reactive Stimulator, Logical Processor, Hypothetical Analyzer, and Relational Innovator.

The 24-item Decide X Instrument determines your primary and secondary style of processing information. From these styles, "strategic patterns" can be determined. Observed over time, your behavior will tend to favor these strategies. The value of this is that individuals and teams can be assigned tasks, with insight into the organization of being able to predict how these tasks will be handled.

Decide X provides a complete description of all primary/secondary style pairs, as well as a brief overview of the strategic patterns. Decide X also includes a strategic style interaction guide so that individuals can "flex" their styles to accommodate each other's information processing needs.

The theory behind Decide X has been tested with over 10,000 individuals in organizations such as EDS, Shell Oil, Ford, GE Capital, GTE, and Sears.

Decide X is a straightforward and easy-to-administer 24-item assessment that examines how an individual or team member inputs, processes, and acts on the information in the work setting. The result is a remarkably accurate prediction of how information is organized, decisions are made, and actions are taken.