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Responsive Leader Questionnaire

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It's no secret that leading people in a way that responds to their individual capabilities yields the best results. Easy to apply and internalize, the Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory enables both new and existing leaders the ability to adapt their leadership approach to best match an individual employee’s capability.

How It Works

The Interpretive Guide Toolkit uses a combination of assessments for both leaders and their employees. Comparing the leader's responses to the leadership questionnaire and the employee's responses helps to validate the results. Meanwhile, gaps between the results provide the opportunity for discussion, exploration, and then improvement.

The Interpretive Guide Toolkit also provides leaders with insight into the responsive leader model, defines each of the four leadership styles in detail, and discusses the role that coaching and energizing play in helping a leader maximize employee performance. It also includes helpful tips and techniques to assist the leader in improving these two core skills.

Uses and Applications

Responsive Leadership Style Questionnaire is a situation-based leadership assessment for management development training. It measures current skills in managing employees and improves leadership effectiveness by developing supervisory skills, leadership skills, coaching skills, and the ability to motivate employees.

Use the Responsive Leadership Questionnaire to identify the four levels of leader intervention:

  • Direct: "This is the way we do it"
  • Persuade: "We do it this way because…"
  • Involve: "How do you think we could do it better?"
  • Trust: "Use your initiative freely so we can do it as well as possible"

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Determine if the current leadership style is appropriate for individual employees
  • Learn how to assess employee commitment and capability levels
  • Quickly discover how to identify which leadership style is best for each employee
  • Understand why coaching and energizing are critical to maximizing employee performance

Product Details

  • Product Type: Assessment and workshop
  • Target Audience: Managers and supervisors
  • Measures: Leadership effectiveness
  • Dimensions: Assertiveness, expressiveness, problem-solving, and leadership skills
  • Time Required: Two hours

What to Order

Interpretive Guide Toolkit: Order One Toolkit Per Trainer

The Guide Toolkit provides everything you need to start making use of the Responsive Leadership Questionnaire, including the responsive leader interpretative guide, one leader version questionnaire, and one employee version questionnaire.

Employee Paper Assessment 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants
The Employee Paper Assessment is for the employee to respond to questions about how they perceive they are being led by the manager.

Leader Paper Assessment 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants
The Leader Paper Assessment is used by the leader/manager to respond to questions about an employee that reports to them.

About the Authors

John Nicholls, Ph.D., is a manager and consultant. He was the creator of the Davos Symposium and served for six years as the first director of the World Economic Forum. He now heads his own consulting firm.