Train anywhere, anytime.

Instructor-led classes for virtual and classroom experiential learning.

There a many methods by which employees learn and grow in their jobs and careers but you want the greatest level of growth, measurable improvement, and lasting change. You need to invest in experientially based, small group learning.

HRDQ Consulting delivers soft-skill learning to meet that demand. For 40 years we have focused on the development of research based, instructionally sound learning resources. Our facilitators deliver those learning experiences to your organization.

At the core of our offerings is an 84-course instructor-led, soft-skills curriculum covering critical topics from team building to communication to change. Our consultants facilitate through virtual open enrollment instructor-led classes, or virtually to just your employees, or onsite at your organization. To further the experience, we provide one-on-one and small group coaching in support of each class.

HRDQ Consulting also provides custom development. Tell us your training objectives and we’ll work with you to develop and deliver an experience customized to your organization. From lunch and learns to multi-course curriculums, we’ll deliver the exact training you have identified to achieve your learning objectives.

HRDQ Consulting is the sister company to HRDQstore, publisher of over 200 off-the-shelf learning resources. Each title was designed with the DIY trainer in mind, for you to purchase and train, without support from an external vendor. But if you need delivery or train the trainer for any HRDQstore product, we’re here to assist.

Virtual learning keeps training, teamwork, and communication going – from wherever your learners work.

Employees are increasingly working virtually. You need to meet your learners where they work and online learning often misses the mark when it comes to any factor other than cost.

We have a different idea. Why not take the best of classroom learning and delivery it virtually? Our 84-course virtual instructor-led training classes do just that. Each class is an interactive, engaging learning experience with a low student-to-facilitator ratio.

Participants can log on from any computer, no special technology is required, and the learning is experiential. And, it's easy on your budget.

  • Extensive curriculum with 3-hour classes covering essential people skills.
  • Small group advantages with a 20-person maximum enrollment for engaging classes with personalized support
  • No travel required with video conferencing, online assessments and digital class materials.

All classes are available for open enrollment and as private classes just for your employees.

Bring the learning in-house.

People love coming together. When that’s possible, we recommend it over virtual learning. Our team of experienced facilitators do the heavy lifting for you. We deliver soft-skills learning from our curriculum or custom developed to your specifications, and at a competitive cost compared to in-house development and delivery.

Learn by doing. And doing it again.

We specialize in providing experiential, small-group learning through virtual and onsite courses. We don't believe real learning occurs when your employees are pushed to do just self-study or sit through one-way seminars or webinars or other learning "events". We believe in interactive, face-to-face learning experiences.

When learning is experiential, it results in better performance because it increases the odds that training will transfer from the learning environment to the workplace, where participants can apply what they have learned in a way that improves their job performance. Practice during training leads to application of those skills on the job because it gives learners the self-confidence to use and refine a skill in the real world. They’ve been there. They’ve done it. They know they can do it again.

We provide delivery and support for all HRDQ Classroom Training Tools.

HRDQstore products were designed for easily facilitation without certification. But sometimes you still need some assistance. You may not have the facilitation staff or you may want a bit of coaching to make that first session perfect. We're here to help.

Learn more about the HRDQ Consulting team.

Our team consists of professional facilitators. Highly skilled, insightful, and engaging personalities with many years of experience.

Great events need the right content and a trainer that ignites that passion for learning. Your team will give our team the highest marks.

Gary O. Turner, MA

An award-winning trainer and consultant, Gary Turner has over 30 years of professional experience with major corporations such as M&M Mars, Aramark, and AT&T. A high-energy, sought-after trainer, Gary speaks, trains, and consults on collaborative processes in organizations.

He has been a requested speaker at conventions of ATD, Association for Quality and Participation, College and University Personnel Association, the International Collaborative Organizations Conference, and at annual meetings for companies around the world. His areas of expertise include coaching, communication, conflict management, customer service, leadership development, partnering, project management, negotiating, team building, and time management.

Gary holds two Master's degrees, one in Communication from the University of Nebraska and another in History from Abilene Christian University. He earned his BA from Harding University.

Alvina Peat

For over 15 years Alvina has been leading workshops and coaching clients at all levels of organizations; first-line supervisors to C-suite leaders. Her clients benefit from her expansive industry experience. Alvina's clients include the automotive industry, institutions of higher learning, non-profit agencies, financial services and Fortune 500 organizations.

Alvina is passionate about interpersonal communication. It is so important to her that when she began Williamspeat Associates in 2002, its primary focus was interpersonal communication in the workplace. Alvina's workshops, coaching and consulting are deeply-rooted in her belief that communication is the foundation upon which all relationships are built. Through interactive, engaging and enlightening workshops and lectures, Alvina helps countless individuals and organizations tear down barriers to effective communication.

Alvina knows that in order to have a positive impact in the workplace, you must have conversations with others. Whether you are running data or repairing machines, it has no value unless you understand what your customers, coworkers, or leaders need. She recognizes that organizations with effective communication skills have teams that are more engaged, productive, and have lower turnover.

Alvina uses adult learning theories and techniques to help her clients gain new insight into their every day communication with others, build a better rapport with co-workers, resolve conflicts more effectively, and work collaboratively.

Erica T. Mahady, MA, PCC

Erica is a dedicated professional with 15+ years of experience as an organizational and leadership development consultant, educator, facilitator, author and certified executive coach. She has worked across various industries including healthcare, education, federal government, media & entertainment and global chemistry. Erica is best known for her collaborative approach and partnering with business leaders to design and implement strategic change that produces positive results.

She collaborates with individuals, teams, and systems to strengthen business acumen, communication processes, cultural awareness, change management, strategic planning, project management, and leadership capacity. Erica also provides coaching and professional development on emotional intelligence competences including self‐awareness, self‐management, mindfulness, influence, team development, coaching and conflict management.

For 10 years, Erica provided consulting and coaching services as a member of an internal organizational effectiveness team at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) in Allentown, Pa. She coached senior to mid‐level leaders and consulted on network change management projects – enhancing the patient‐centered experience, cultural awareness, crucial conversations, Lean implementation and conflict management. She was also instrumental in the development and management of the Institute for Healthcare Leadership – a high potential leadership development program for clinical and non‐clinical leaders.

Erica is a Ph.D. candidate completing her degree in leadership studies from Alvernia University in Reading, Pa. She holds a graduate degree in communication from Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

Debbie Lindsey-Opel

Debbie Lindsey-Opel has spent years motivating and inspiring others to understand their true messages.  Starting off her career in corporate America, she has become the go-to resource for corporate, government, and non-profit clients wanting to improve their business, teamwork, communication skills and, ultimately, their success. Her diverse background spans industry types and sizes. She values the unique qualities of each organization – large or small, public or private, profit or non-profit.

Debbie has more than 30 years of leadership, communications, and public affairs experience. She has managed a multi-7-figure budget for community engagement and social responsibility, worked as a Mayor’s Chief of Staff, and owned her own business for the past 15 years. Her experience includes leading more than 500 engagements with her clients on a range of leadership, communication, personality, confidence, and workforce development topics.

Debbie has been the facilitator/trainer for groups of 400+ and groups of 5. Each receives her highest attention because she recognizes the impact of her work. She believes the “experts” are in the room – she succeeds when they embrace their gifts and talents, putting them to work to improve their organizations. She has developed and delivered a wide-range of curriculum, with a focus on understanding how we “show up in the world” leveraging communication, confidence, and personality.

Prior to forming her own business, Debbie previously worked for the City of Corpus Christi, H-E-B, a Texas-based grocery retailer, and as a Human Resources Officer for a bank. She has served on many non-profit boards including the Christus Spohn Hospital Foundation Board and has Chaired both the Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce and United Way.

David Alumbaugh

David has more than 20 years of sales and sales management experience and has managed institutional-level sales for domestic and international accounts. He has led sales efforts in numerous industries including education, healthcare, HR training, and consulting services.

David is an Adjunct Professor of Business at Baker University, where his expertise includes 20 years of teaching MBA courses to working professionals, including organizational and marketing management. David also serves as faculty mentor for the development of new teachers. Proficient in knowledge transfer and other workplace generational concerns, David has developed and taught college courses for Baker University on generational issues in the workplace.

David endorses a participative leadership style. He is accomplished in problem resolution, goal setting, realizing and eliciting an individual’s full potential, influencing others and achieving results through development of quality-focused business relationships. David’s experience includes managing business-critical projects and operations in educational-based and privately-held organizations as well as developing and marketing seminars in the global marketplace. His operational expertise includes profit and loss accountability, recruiting and staffing, motivational incentives, sales strategy development and team development.

His previously held positions include being the president of Seminars International, vice president and director of training & business development for Insight Information International, and operations manager for American Management Association/Padgett Thompson.

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