Matrix Manager Inventory Online Assessment

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Managing in today's complex environment is more challenging than ever. The addition of multi-functional teams, virtual work environments, and dotted-line reporting relationships have made the once "neat-and-tidy" hierarchical flowcharts we learned about in management 101 into an intricate matrix. Complicated webs make the "simple" job of getting things done not so simple, and this trend toward matrix management has created the need for a new leadership skill set.

The Matrix Manager Inventory is a vital and timely training program that's designed to help both new and seasoned managers acquire and develop the ability to flex between "command and control" and "influence and collaborate" in an attempt to master matrix management.

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How It Works

The Matrix Manager Inventory uses a mix of a self-assessment, workbook activities, and a classroom workshop designed to train your managers to become well-equipped to navigate the dynamics of matrix management, handle constant change with confidence, influence performance when there is no direct control, and achieve the results that drive organizational success.

Uses and Applications

The Matrix Manager Inventory helps individuals understand the competencies and capabilities needed to manage others in global, virtual, and matrix-style organizational environments.

Unlike many leadership tools, the Matrix Manager Inventory does not emphasize traditional "command" and "control" (hierarchical) management skills. Rather, the Matrix Manager Inventory emphasizes reliance on the influence and collaboration skills available to managers and leaders through the skillful application of matrix management as the most appropriate pathway to both personal and organizational success.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how to balance the skills required of traditional and matrix management
  • Understand the matrix management decision-making criteria
  • Build a "spectrum" of skills and behaviors that drive successful influence and collaboration
  • Define the role set or network needed to be a successful matrix manager
  • Overcome the daily dilemmas and challenges of matrix management

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