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In Memoriam: Martin Delahoussaye Vice President of Publishing at HRDQ - HRDQ

In Memoriam: Martin Delahoussaye Vice President of Publishing at HRDQ

On November 11, 2017, we lost a valued member of our HRDQ family following an extended battle with cancer. Martin Delahoussaye began his role with us as Vice President of Publishing exactly 10 years ago and brought with him more than 25 years of publishing experience in training and development.

During his time with us, Martin led strategic content acquisition initiatives as well as the research and development of new products. He had direct contributions to the development of best-selling resources Personality Style at Work, Junkyard Games, Bridging the Communication Divide, and Rocket: The Project Management Game, upgrades to editions of Mars Rover Challenge, Supervisory Skills Questionnaire, Learning to Listen, and The Rainforest Game, and a complete overhaul of The Reproducible Training Library.

Previously, Martin served as Senior Acquisitions Editor of Pfeiffer, Managing Editor of Training Magazine, and Editor of Training Journal. In addition, Martin held several operational positions at McGraw-Hill and Gower Publishing in Great Britain prior to becoming President of Orange House Publishing in Australia.

It is still hard to believe Martin is no longer with us. He was a wonderful colleague and friend who had an incredible impact on the success of HRDQ. Along with his wisdom he gave us thoughtful insight, occasionally pointed (and deserved) criticism, and frequent creative surprises. He honored us when he chose to become an American citizen but he was always an English gentleman. His departure from our family has left a huge empty space we will all struggle to fill.

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