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Workplace Skills Training in a Tough Economy - HRDQ

Workplace Skills Training in a Tough Economy

Workplace essential skills training can create more success

Economic instability continues to make headlines. As organizations brace to weather stormy market conditions, all business functions are affected – and training is no exception.

When belt-tightening is the norm, training plays an even more crucial role to organizational success. As companies streamline budgets during a market downturn, they also must do more with less – and adapt to staffing cuts and reorganizations through training.  Forward-thinking trainers need affordable, high quality products to keep their organizations working efficiently and effectively - and prepare them to move ahead quickly when the economy improves.

Proper workplace conduct and skills are important. Professional conduct in the workplace shows that employees take pride in their company's mission and standards. Employees who have the proper skills and good conduct demonstrate awareness and respect for others like fellow colleagues, managers and clients. Skills training addresses a wide variety of social behaviors that need to be focused on like ethics, harassment, appearance, language, cultural differences, interpersonal issues and more. These are essential guidelines when fostering a workplace where employees are treated with courtesy, dignity and fairness.


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Benefits of Workplace Skills Training

There are many benefits of providing workplace skills training for yourself and your employees. Having the right skills and tools will allow the organization to experience success through the actions of its employees. Some benefits include:

  • Improved business model - A trained staff adds to a better motel
  • Better staff morale - Being trained allows employees to feel confident in their job
  • Higher ROI and success - The company that has a trained staff is more likely to reach goals
  • Career satisfaction - Employee's recognition of the company's investment in them
  • Increased contributions - More skills training allows employees to dedicate more to the business
  • More loyalty - Employees will see the company's efforts and staff retention will rise
  • Greater motivation - More skills will allow them to take on more projects and move up in the organization

There are countless ways to conduct skills training in order to allow your business to have the full benefits listed above. It can be challenging, but it worth the time and effort.


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How to Improve Workplace Skills

Take advantage of workplace essential skills training from HRDQ – resources that help you drive results, and fit your budget. Our learning instruments are professionally crafted, based in theory and research, and designed for easy facilitation.

One of HRDQ's most popular offerings is the Reproducible Training Library (RTL) - high quality, customizable training priced for today's economy. Choose from a library of more than 300 hours of print-on-demand titles that offer training topics critical to every organization – including communication, leadership, team building, coaching, and change management. Each program includes instructor-led classroom training programs and supplemental self-study PowerPoint files, as well as ready-to train courses that allow you to facilitate to classes of any size, at any time. Purchasers of the products have the rights to customize all training materials any way you would prefer – a quick and economical way to create custom training programs.

Each RTL program has all materials needed for successful training, including a participant guide, facilitator guide, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. These products have competitive pricing, discount options, and unlimited user and reprinting rights make the RTL a smart choice for trainers who want effective, quality customizable training that drives results and meets the budget.

The RTL allows trainers to tap into a wide range of expertly developed training programs – each complete with the components you need to lead a comprehensive workshop experience. Immediately following purchase, a confirmation email is sent with a link to the program files. With just a few clicks, you can download everything needed directly to your desktop in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is print the necessary documents to bring to the training session.


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