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Training facilitation is a complex task that requires preparation, planning, time management, and execution. It's the facilitator’s job to guide and manage a session to ensure that the group's objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved. This can be a challenging task. HRDQ can help with a wide range of facilitation tools that enhance and strengthen the trainer's role as a facilitator.

Feedback That Works: Coach with Conversations

Actively instruct others to deliver Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI) feedback in real-world settings. This “Lead It Yourself” content is based on the proven SBI method for creating and giving developmental feedback that works.

The Bottomline on ROI Workshop

This workshop simplifies the process of connecting HR, learning, and performance improvement programs and projects to measurable outcomes in a clear, precise, and logical way.


These fun balls offer a range of "get to know you" options in an enjoyable and relaxed activity. Toss the ball and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb!

The Challenges of Facilitating Sessions

Every team is different. Because of this, a facilitator may not know what to expect when beginning a training session. It could go in many different ways as people begin to learn and share knowledge. There are many challenges to leading a training course, including:

  • People may be hesitant to change or grow
  • Some participants may consider training “boring”
  • Employees think they know it all already
  • People aren’t paying attention
  • Participants aren’t absorbing the materials fully
  • Arguments break out when working as a team

Overcoming These Challenges

A facilitator can overcome these challenges by being prepared, outlining why the training is important, and keeping it fun and exciting for the participants. If the team knows the benefits of doing the training, they are more likely to pay attention and absorb the information.

Facilitation tools like the products featured here can also help in a big way. A well-prepared trainer can make the different between a successful program outcome and a poor takeaway. Find all the tools you need to help make your next training session a success!

  • Facilitator's Toolkit - HRDQ

    If you were asked to facilitate a training session, but you have no idea where to start, reach for the Facilitator's Toolkit. This collection comp...

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  • Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit - HRDQ
    from Original Price $100.00
    Current Price $99.99

    Designed by evaluation expert Donald Kirkpatrick, the Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit provides the resources you need to evaluate training o...

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    from Original Price $100.00
    Current Price $99.99
  • Energizers Activity Book - HRDQ

    Your participants return from lunch with a sleepy glaze in their eyes. Don't despair - energize them! The icebreakers in the Energizers Activity Bo...

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