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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - HRDQ

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

For the training industry, 2022 was a year filled with change, opportunity, and innovation. In the past year, organizational leaders used training to cultivate a more creative work environment and empower their employees to take risks and bring new ideas to the table. Skills such as conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and being task-oriented and motivational have become more necessary than ever to help employees navigate change and uncertainty.

In addition, employees have higher expectations for their supervisors and managers. More leaders are considering improving their own training to become better communicators, problem-solvers, motivators, and leaders. Leaders are also reflecting on their first interactions with their staff and learning to judge a potential employee's return on investment, skills, and style before being hired onto the team.

These themes were among those discussed in the top articles published on HRDQstore.com this past year, with various thoughts and ideas from different perspectives. Let's look at the top 10 most popular and see what we've learned.

The Top 10 Blog Post List (according to our readers)

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#10 - What Blocks People From Creativity and Creative Thinking?
Coming in at #10 on our list is bound to unclog your writer’s block. Take a look at what blocks people from creativity and what you can do to overcome creative blocks in the workplace.

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#9 - Skills For Supervisors: 15 Qualities Of A Good Supervisor
Post number #9 on our list will discuss the fifteen essential leadership qualities of a good supervisor and walk you through the hard and soft skills needed to operate as an effective supervisor.

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#8 - The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
This year, emotional intelligence emerged as one of the most important qualities of a good leader, which is why this blog post came in as #8 on our list. Take a closer look at what emotional intelligence is and why it is such an important quality for leaders to possess.

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#7 - Training Budget Guide: How to Create & Allocate a Training Budget
With the new year comes new employees, new trainings and new budgets for most organizations. Coming in at #7 is a guide that will help you learn how to create and allocate a training budget that works best for your needs in 2023.

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#6 - Six Methods to Measure The ROI of Employee Training Programs
Now that you’ve got your training budget in place, #6 on our list will help you measure the return on investment from your chosen employee training program so you can ensure that you are investing in the success of your company and your staff

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#5 - Passive Listening: Definition, Examples, and Comparisons
There is a lot of discussion about the importance of active listening in the workplace, but you have all asked if passive listening is ever appropriate. #5 on our list will help you understand the difference between passive and active listening and help you become a better leader by being able to gauge the engagement of your employees.

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#4 - What is Pacesetting Leadership? Examples, Pro/Cons, and More
This year we have talked a lot about the different styles of leadership, but one style stood out the most. In this article coming in at #4, take a closer look at the pacesetting leadership style, understand what it means and when it’s appropriate to use it.

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#3 - Hierarchy of Needs: Motivating Employees with Maslow’s Theory
There have been numerous theories developed by researchers to explain human motivation, but one of the best-known theories is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. #3 on our list will teach you how to utilize this tool and boost motivation in your workplace.

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#2 - Task-Oriented vs People-Oriented Leaders: What's The Difference?
Being a successful leader was a popular topic of discussion this year, and identifying your leadership style was discussed even more. That’s why #2 on our list talks about the difference between these two leadership styles are and which is best in different situations.

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#1 - Seven of Our Favorite Conflict Resolution Games and Activities
There is no doubt that games and activities have become the most popular forms of training within the past year. This post blew us away highlighting our favorite conflict resolution games and activities, making it the most popular blog post of the year.

What is your #1 takeaway from these top 10 posts from 2022? Leave us a comment below!

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