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Top Communication Training Workshops from HRDQ

Top Communication Training Workshops from HRDQ

Communication is pertinent to a successful workplace. If you and your employees need to tune up on this important skill, explore the top communication training workshops from HRDQ. Soon, your team will be running more smoothly and efficiently than ever before!

HRDQ offers a wide selection of communication skills training materials, from assessments to comprehensive workshops, games, and more. View our full Communication Collection today!

Effective Listening Skills

Communication is comprised of one’s ability to speak and listen with purpose. In our Effective Listening Skills training course, we’ll hone in on the importance of attentive and active listening. To do this, an experienced instructor will teach your team how to discern hidden messages in speech, eliminate distracting habits, handle emotional situations, and increase information flow. Training your team to become better listeners offers plenty of benefits—you’ll find that miscommunication is minimized, productivity is significantly increased, and people feel more valued.

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Talk Like a Leader

There’s a big difference between talking a lot and talking effectively. As a superior, it’s important to prioritize messages that need to be communicated and have the ability to clearly convey them. Our Talk Like a Leader training course will introduce your leaders to the four key areas of leadership communication: Vision, Competence, Relationships, and Support. Then, through various interactive exercises, your leaders will gain the communication skills needed to encourage enthusiasm within their teams, increase productivity, minimize miscommunication, and improve working relationships.

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Coaching Conversations

Coaching your team is the key to unlocking their full potential. Our Coaching Conversations course will provide you with the skills to motivate and inspire your team members to become the best employees they can be. Having the ability to identify and draw out an individual’s unrealized skills will improve their performance, develop their careers, and increase job satisfaction. If you want your team to thrive, it begins with bringing out and utilizing the strengths of each employee!

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Communicating as a Manager

Effective communication between managers and employees is important for a variety of reasons. It ensures that team members know exactly what is expected of them, helps them understand what they're doing correctly, and sheds light on the areas they need to improve upon. If your managers need assistance guiding their teams, our Communicating as a Manager course can help. The goal of this program is to allow your leaders to fully listen and comprehend others' perceptions, clearly convey expectations and performance feedback, and effectively lead others through organizational change. If you want to see real, lasting results that greatly impact your teams, this is the communication training workshop your company needs.

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Navigating Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are sometimes necessary in the workplace. Whether an employee is being let go, receiving a poor performance review, or learning that they did not get a promotion, these are all possible scenarios your leaders need to be equipped for. That’s where the Navigating Difficult Conversations workshop comes in. To begin, participants will be introduced to a seven-stage process for handling tricky situations while minimizing negative backlash. Then, through realistic examples and role-playing, participants will get authentic practice working through difficult scenarios. By preparing your leaders to have these hard conversations, you can reduce stress in the workplace, increase trust, and improve relationships.

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Put It In Writing

Writing is another critical form of communication, especially when it comes to creating workplace reports. Our Put It In Writing training workshop is specifically designed to assist your employees in producing reports that are relevant, organized, credible, and professional. An experienced trainer will help your team eliminate poor writing behaviors that lead to confusion, such as wordiness, inconsistent formatting, and improper formality. Then, participants will learn a variety of writing exercises to practice developing their report-making skills. By the end of the program, your employees will feel confident in their ability to write more clearly, helping to further minimize miscommunication and increase uniformity.

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Improve Communication Skills with HRDQ 

If you’d like to discover more great communication training workshops and activities, explore the full HRDQ Communication Collection today! Our training consultants are here to equip your team with the tools they need to thrive. Soon, you and your employees will be working flawlessly with one another, overcoming even the toughest of discussions and speaking with more purpose than ever before. Start developing your team today!

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