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Essential Work Style Assessment Tools - HRDQ

Essential Work Style Assessment Tools

A person’s work style includes the behaviors and traits that affect their performance and interactions with others. At HRDQ, we offer a full range of work style assessment tools to assess these features in your employees and identify opportunities for improvement. Explore the featured work style assessments from HRDQ below to find the right options for you—and browse the full HRDQ Style Suite for even more assessments, workshops, and training materials.


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Personality Style at Work

The first assessment you should start with is Personality Style at Work. This assessment outlines four primary personality types—direct, spirited, systematic, and considerate. Each type possesses three driving factors that guide an individual’s actions, decisions, and approach to life. Learning how we work in these ways allows us to better express our needs and forge healthy, productive relationships within the office.


What’s My Time Style

Assess your team’s time management style with What’s My Time Style. Individuals will learn how to utilize their personality type to maximize their time and minimize time-management weakness. This assessment also helps employees work with other team members who prioritize their time differently.


What’s My Communication Style?

Dive into a half-day experiential workshop on how to become an effective communicator with this comprehensive training program. Just as the name sounds, What’s My Communication Style? includes an assessment that identifies an individual’s communication style and its coinciding characteristics. From here, participants will discover how their style affects communication, learn how to pick up on other people’s communication styles, and identify ways to “flex” their style to convey information effectively.


What’s My Team Member Style

What’s My Team Member Style is a fantastic team-building assessment. Employees will become aware of the way they interact in the team environment and how other participants perceive them as part of the team. Combining these two reflections allows individuals to better understand their behaviors and how to improve upon them so they can improve cooperation with their colleagues.


Negotiation Style Profile

Are your employees required to negotiate on a daily basis? If so, the Negotiation Style Profile is a powerful assessment and training workshop to improve their skills. There are five negotiation styles—defeating, accommodating, collaborating, withdrawing, and compromising. Participants will learn their style and the strengths and weaknesses that come along with each type. Once the training is complete, they’ll have the ability to take a win-win approach to negotiation and an action plan to continue to strive for improvement.


Problem Solving Style Inventory

Every supervisor should consider using the Problem Solving Style Inventory. A short assessment will be given to you and your team. The results provide both you and your team’s preferred problem-solving profile. You can use this data to bridge the gap between the problem solving techniques you currently use and the methods that work best for those you manage.


What’s My Coaching Style

Those in leadership roles need to learn how to coach and encourage their teams to produce best results. That’s where What’s My Coaching Style comes in. This assessment and workshop helps participants develop an awareness of their behavioral patterns, learn skills to adapt their behavior to others, and identify key techniques to build rapport. By the end of the workshop, participants will have an actionable plan to apply what they’ve learned in the workplace.


What’s My Leadership Style

Another fantastic work style assessment and training workshop for those in upper management is What’s My Leadership Style. This program takes a comprehensive approach to leadership by identifying participants’ strengths and weaknesses as superiors and providing skills to “flex” their style and interact more effectively with their team. The course offers great insight to both new and experienced leaders.


More Assessments & Training Materials from HRDQ

If you’d like to discover more essential work style assessment tools from HRDQ, explore our full collection in the HRDQ Style Suite. This virtual library is filled with easy-to-use personality style assessments that can help improve many facets of organizational life.


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