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Flash Sale: Get 15% off Decision Making Training Materials with code DECMAKING15.
Top Leadership Assessment Tools from HRDQ

Top Leadership Assessment Tools from HRDQ

Embedding leadership into your organizational ethos helps increase productivity, empower employees, challenge ideas, and ultimately improve your bottom line. At all levels, leadership skills—like thinking ahead, practicing empathy, making strategic decisions, taking a birds-eye view, etc.—are what make every organization tick. Let’s dive into some of the most effective and engaging leadership assessment tools to help you benchmark and improve leadership skills across your organization.

To help your employees understand their strengths, try...

What's My Leadership Style? | HRDQ

What’s My Leadership Style?

One of the fundamental aspects of being an effective leader is recognizing “how” you operate. This powerful leadership assessment tool provides users with a comprehensive overview of their preferred leadership style. Their results fall into one of four categories: direct, spirited, considerate, and systematic.

This training program includes both an assessment and a workshop. Assessment-takers are presented with 20 pairs of actions relating to leadership behavior and must indicate the degree to which they prefer either when acting as a leader. After scoring, you can work with the assessment-takers to interpret the scores, discuss, debrief, and plan the next steps. The accompanying Facilitator Guide helps outline this process and expand it into a formalized, two-hour workshop program.

To evolve leadership with your workplace, try...

Matrix Manager Inventory | HRDQ

Matrix Manager

The way we work is changing rapidly—and so is the way we manage. The workplace is becoming more networked and collaborative, moving away from a hierarchical, top-down model. Equip your leaders for success with Matrix Manager. This training tool helps both new and experienced leaders master a quickly changing approach to management, and offers strategies for when to employ each type of leadership style.

To develop leadership that lasts, try...

Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory | HRDQ

Legacy Leadership

Are you working to establish a culture of collaborative leadership? To nurture effective leaders? Try the Legacy Leadership tool. This total-package assessment and workshop will offer strategies to help you develop leaders for the long-run—leaders who perpetuate a culture of leadership.

The program begins with an assessment to help you evaluate participants’ strengths and weaknesses as leaders, which can then be addressed and improved through the comprehensive workshop phase.

To help avoid leadership failures and improve outcomes, try the...

Leadership Unlimited Profile | HRDQ

Leadership Unlimited Profile

Did you know that 40 percent of new leaders will fail within the first 18 months on the job? This assessment helps managers and leaders spot the tell-tale signs of leadership failure and derailment. Get feedback on behaviors that may limit effectiveness, like organizing behavior, relationship behavior, learning initiatives behavior, emotional behavior, and career management behavior. With this solution, you’re able to take a proactive approach to leadership success and pinpoint pain points before they become detrimental.

To facilitate fun and grounded leadership conversations, try...

Reality-Based Leadership | HRDQ

Reality-Based Leadership

This leadership assessment and workshop provides a humorous take on organizational dynamics. If you're looking to lighten the mood and provide a fun, insightful, and educational training program for your employees, this is an excellent resource for you. Challenge traditional leadership practices and confront organizational issues and dynamics head-on in an open, non-confrontational space. This is a complete toolkit for laying the groundwork for productive and relatable conversations about workplace leadership.

To get the full picture, try...

Leader Manager Profile | HRDQ

Leader Manager Profile

What’s the difference between management and leadership? If you’re stumped, you’re not alone...and that’s why the Leader Manager Profile exists! This leadership assessment tool and workshop measures participants’ leadership AND management competencies, mapping them against one another and highlighting areas of strength and areas to improve. This is a holistic assessment that helps pinpoint the hard and soft skills involved in managing a team AND embodying a leader. Get a 360-degree view for equipping your employees with a deeper understanding of leadership and management in the workplace.

To empower employees, try...

Campbell Leadership Descriptor | HRDQ

Campbell Leadership Descriptor

This self-assessment empowers employees to define leadership for themselves, encouraging critical thought on what leadership qualities they value and what leadership characteristics are considered essential for success.

Assessment-takers are presented with pairs of adjectives and are asked to choose which are “good” and “bad” in their opinion. After judging these adjectives, participants then map their skills against those they defined as critical. In the examination process, employees can see how they match up to personal standards, self-identifying areas for improvement, and focus moving forward.

To get started, try...

Leadership Practices Inventory | HRDQ

Leadership Practices Inventory

If you need somewhere to start, look no further. This complete facilitation workshop contains a full suite of tools to begin a comprehensive leadership training program, including more than 40 hours of workshops and 100 activities. All of these resources at your fingertips allows you the flexibility and creativity to customize your training in ways that work best for your organization and leadership goals.  

Your Turn

Now is the time to get clear on your leadership training objectives. Make sure your organization is aligned on leadership goals, definitions, next steps, and a plan for moving forward. Our tools are here when you’re ready to make transformative and lasting change for your workplace and its future leaders.

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