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Conflict Style Assessments from HRDQ

Conflict Style Assessments from HRDQ

Although conflict is inevitable in the workplace, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Helping your team members identify their unique conflict style can make a positive impact on the way they settle disputes. To get started improving your team’s conflict management skills and help your office run more smoothly, view the top conflict style assessments from HRDQ!

HRDQ offers a wide selection of conflict skills training materials, from assessments to comprehensive workshops, games, and more. View our full Conflict & Stress Management Collection today!

Conflict Strategies

Our Conflict Strategies assessment serves as a great introduction to the different ways people handle disputes. Based on 35 years of research, we’ve narrowed down five primary conflict styles: integrating, compromising, competing, smoothing, and avoiding. Through this assessment, participants will learn about each style and discover the one that’s unique to them.

Participants will dive into the strengths and weaknesses of their conflict styles and learn how to flex to meet the needs of differing types. After working through the material, each participant should have a great foundation on conflict that they can start applying in the workplace.

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Team Conflict Strategies

Sometimes we don’t have disputes with a single individual—we also have disagreements with teams as a whole. That’s where our Team Conflict Strategies assessment comes in. The goal of the material is to help your teams reach mutually beneficial agreements in a respectful manner, which will help increase productivity and morale in the workplace. Providing groups with the right procedures for handling conflict is sure to make your office run more smoothly.

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Dealing With Conflict

If you want to take a deep dive into each conflict style, the Dealing With Conflict assessment is a great option! With this program, you’ll discover both your dominant conflict style and your secondary conflict style. After navigating the specific pros and cons of each confrontation type, you’ll also learn to analyze disputes to determine which method is best to employ in different situations. Having a deep self-awareness of the way you handle disagreements is the key to seeing real improvement!

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Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Patrick Lencioni is a world-renowned team management specialist. He delivers presentations across the globe to help companies better improve their teams. When you take the Five Dysfunctions of a Team assessment, you’ll be gaining access to the exact team-building lessons he uses with the businesses he works with.

Lencioni established five key fundamentals that make up a successful group: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. With this workshop, you’ll discover which of these fundamentals are lacking within your team. Weaknesses in any of these areas are likely causing the tension within or between groups. Your leaders should walk away with an actionable plan to strengthen problem areas. They’ll also be ready to lay out clearer expectations and know how to measure the group’s ability to meet team goals. Having these tools will further cultivate trust between employees and prevent conflict from occurring in the first place.

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Negotiating Style Profile

Negotiation is a form of conflict management. This skill is all about reaching an agreement that benefits both parties. Our Negotiating Style Profile assessment will introduce you to everything you need to know about this important skill. Many people view negotiation as simply beating an opponent, when in reality, it’s the opposite. In order to reach mutual agreements, you must also be able to cultivate productive relationships with those you are disputing with. Negotiation is a learned art that must be practiced to get right, but without it, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult to reach the results you desire in an agreeable manner.

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Taking Control of Conflict

Our Taking Control of Conflict style assessment is guided by one of our professional virtual instructors. Having an experienced trainer take the reins and teach your teams the ins and outs of conflict management may be exactly what you need to start seeing real change. By the end of the session, you can feel confident that each participant will be equipped with all of the tools they need to effectively resolve conflict and minimize behaviors that could lead to potential disputes.

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More Online Assessments from HRDQ

We hope these conflict style assessments help you improve conflict management throughout your team. If you’d like to discover more online assessment tools from HRDQ, explore our full collection in the Online Assessment Center. Our virtual library is filled with everything you need to assess a variety of soft skills in a way that’s easy to distribute, track, and organize. Start developing your team today!

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