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Top Online Assessment Tools from HRDQ - HRDQ

Top Online Assessment Tools from HRDQ

Every member of your corporate team can benefit from online assessments. An assessment is essential to benchmark skills prior to any training program and to check progress following a training program. Having access to an assessment online makes it easy for each participant to complete the assessment, no matter where they are. To improve the impact of your training programs, explore some the top online assessment tools from HRDQ.

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Leadership Assessments

Those in leadership roles, such as managers and supervisors, need to learn how to coach and encourage their teams to produce their best results. Here are some of the top online leadership assessments available from HRDQ:

Coaching Skills Inventory

The ability to constructively and properly discuss employee performance is a must for all leadership positions. With the Coaching Skills Inventory Online Assessment, you can determine leaders’s coaching styles and pinpoint areas of improvement. If you’re seeking to foster healthy manager-employee relationships in order to get the most out of your team, this is the assessment for you.

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Campbell Leadership Descriptor

To determine your personal strengths and weaknesses as a team leader, take the Campbell Leadership Descriptor Online Assessment. This 40-question test takes a deep dive into the characteristics that make a successful leader. After its completion, you’ll receive an in-depth leadership profile that will show you how to design an action plan to improve your skills as a manager or supervisor.

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Team Assessments

Top Online Assessment Tools from HRDQ | HRDQ

Having a baseline of your team’s skills and strengths can help to identify collective areas of improvement. In order to increase the overall quality of work, consider using the following team assessments:

Extraordinary Teams

The goal of the Extraordinary Teams Online Assessment is to increase the effectiveness of your team by identifying what qualifies as great collaboration, understanding current performance, and coming to a mutual agreement to improve as a group. To begin this half-day workshop, each participant will answer 25 questions, which are then combined to create a team profile. This team profile will guide the session as the group works through the provided workbooks, discussion questions, and action-planning exercises.

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Benchmarks of Excellence

To get a better understanding of your team’s attitude, experiences, and group dynamics, the Benchmarks of Excellence Online Assessment is a fantastic tool. It combines participant scores into a collective team score to highlight performance levels in six indicators of excellence, opening up a platform for discussion on team functionality. Managers can also use this information to get a sense of how their leadership style affects the performance of their team.

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Individual Skills

Top Online Assessment Tools from HRDQ | HRDQ

Online assessment tools that test and teach specific skills are useful to all individuals, regardless of one’s position in the company. Explore some of the top assessments from HRDQ that can help to develop individual skills in your employees:

Becoming a Customer Service Star

The Becoming a Customer Service Star Online Assessment teaches participants specific behaviors they can employ to provide outstanding service. This assessment tool offers an objective analysis of individuals’s customer service skills and provides actionable steps that can lead to improvement. The assessment will walk participants through the five critical areas of customer service, allowing them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in each area.

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Conflict Strategies Inventory

Conflict is bound to happen within a company in some form or fashion. When conflict does occur, it helps to ensure that your employees are equipped and prepared to deal with it. With the Conflict Strategies Inventory Online Assessment, participants will learn their typical reaction to conflict and the pros and cons of this sort of reaction. Moving forward, they’ll gain the necessary skills to solve conflict with improved strategies so they can smoothly handle these situations as they arise.

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Accountability Experience

The Accountability Experience Online Assessment is designed to give individuals the skills to clearly lay out their expectations to others. Participants will learn to express exactly how and when they need a task to be done. By ensuring each of your employees has the ability to clearly express expectations, they will better understand the importance of accountability and help to decrease the gap between expectation and delivery.

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Change Reaction

Change is another issue that companies need to be prepared to handle. From changes in procedures, management, office spaces, and more, it’s important to understand how to deal with resistance and bring about the desired change as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s where the Change Reaction Online Assessment comes in. This test will identify the three primary reactions to change and then help individuals identify their typical response. In doing so, employees can train themselves to become better acclimated and welcoming to change as it occurs.

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More Online Assessments from HRDQ

Top Online Assessment Tools from HRDQ | HRDQ

If you’d like to discover more of the top online assessment tools from HRDQ, explore our full collection in the Online Assessment Center. Our virtual library is filled with everything you need to assess your team member’s soft skills in a way that’s easy to distribute, track, and organize. Start developing your team today!

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