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Leadership Training Programs, Courses and Materials

Great leadership in an organization is essential. But it can be hard to come by. Studies show that 40 percent of new leaders fail within 18 months. The good news is that leadership failure can be predicted and prevented when managers are given the right leadership training programs and resources to develop better skills.

Leadership defined

Leadership is the capacity to persuade, empower, and inspire individuals. Leaders may drive groups of people or organizations toward accomplishing predefined goals by clearly articulating their mission and vision. A lot of leaders advance in the organizations thanks to their technical aptitude. Yet, soft skills like empathy, cooperation, flexibility, and problem-solving are also essential for effective leadership.

Strong leadership abilities are advantageous for many managers. Executives interact with their staff members more frequently, coaching them on how to carry out their duties well and monitoring their progress while they work. Effective leaders provide their team members with a positive example to imitate and assist them in developing their own strong points.

Leadership Training Programs

What's My Leadership Style is part of the HRDQ Style Suite. This leadership training module identifies leadership styles and helps managers and supervisors improve performance and become effective leaders.


Matrix Manager Inventory is a powerful assessment and training workshop that helps both new and seasoned managers to develop the capabilities and versatility they need to succeed in today's interconnected and collaborative world.


Flight From Savo is an exciting training game where participants gain first-hand experience putting five key supervisory skills to work as they work with a cache of parts to devise an escape plan.

  • What's My Leadership Style booklet, binder, and digital cover
    from $5.99

    Description Each person has their own way of influencing others. For example, some may rally team members around a cause while others tap into team...

    from $5.99
  • Mars Rover Challenge - HRDQ
    from $10.99

    Unleash Stellar Skills Through Hands-On Learning You don't have to leave Earth for stellar skill development. Long gone are the days when collaboration served as...

    from $10.99
  • Matrix Manager Inventory - HRDQ
    from $31.99

    Description Today's workplace looks different from just a few days ago. Now, many companies work on a global level, and virtual work environments, multi-functional teams,...

    from $31.99
  • Campbell Leadership Descriptor - HRDQ
    from $31.99

    Description The Campbell Leadership Descriptor is a self-assessment designed to help individuals identify transformational leadership characteristics. By doing so, participants will evaluate their leadership strengths...

    from $31.99
  • Leader Manager Profile - HRDQ
    from $31.99

    Description While leaders and managers may be thought of as having the same role, there are differences that set these two roles apart. For example,...

    from $31.99
  • Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory - HRDQ
    from $4.99

    Description When most people think of the term "legacy," they often think of something one leaves behind. But what if you were living your legacy...

    from $4.99
  • Flight From Savo - HRDQ
    from $20.99

    A Dynamic Leadership Exploration Send administrators on an exploration of their supervisory skills with Flight from Savo, HRDQ's exciting hands-on adventure game. This energizing supervisory...

    from $20.99
  • Leadership Training Activities - 22 Training Events for Developing Team Leaders - HRDQ
    Original Price $89.99
    Current Price $29.99

    Most managers view leadership as an intangible, unattainable skill ‚ÄĒ one best left to those at the top of the corporate ladder. However, leadership occurs...

    Original Price $89.99
    Current Price $29.99
  • Responsive Leader Questionnaire - HRDQ
    from $103.99

    Transforming Leadership, Maximizing Results It's no secret that harnessing the unique capabilities of each individual on a team leads to unparalleled results. But how can...

    from $103.99
  • Leadership Metaphor Explorer - HRDQ

    Understand the Role of Leadership in Your Organization With many different leadership styles out there, such as dependent, which tends to focus on centralized authority,...

  • Comprehensive Leader - HRDQ
    from $31.99

    Description In the ever-evolving landscape of today's workforce, organizations of all sizes and missions need leadership that is prepared to handle current operations while strategizing...

    from $31.99
  • Leadership 101 Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    The Basics of Becoming a Successful Leader Leadership is the ability to turn a vision into a reality by engaging other people. It's a state...

    from $599.00
  • Remarkable Leadership - HRDQ
    from $15.99

    Learn How to Develop Leadership Skills That Will Turn You into a Remarkable Leader Based on the acclaimed book, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential...

    from $15.99
  • Leadership Practices Inventory - HRDQ
    from $62.99

    The Leadership Practices Inventory is a best-selling and trusted leadership tool. This product approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors. Developed...

    from $62.99
  • Best Boss Inventory - HRDQ
    from $31.99

    Description Transform your workplace culture by adopting the proven strategies of exemplary leaders. With Best Boss Inventory, you'll not only gain a competitive advantage in your...

    from $31.99
  • Servant Leadership Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Supporting Others While Growing Your Business In his 1970 essay, Robert K. Greenleaf described the "servant leader" as someone who desires first to serve and...

    from $599.00
  • Focused Leader Profile - HRDQ
    from $129.99

    Description Every workgroup is different, and with so many complex variables to consider, how can you determine what makes an effective leader? The answer is...

    from $129.99
  • Effective Risk-Taking Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with Confidence to Effect Positive Change Taking risks is not easy. It requires a willingness to operate outside of...

    from $599.00
  • Women and Leadership Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Working Through Barriers and Biases Research studies have shown that companies with sustained high representation of women significantly outperformed those with no women board directors....

    from $599.00
  • Transformational Leader Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Inspiring and Motivating Others to Achieve New Levels of Success Transformational leadership is an approach to leading others that causes change in individual and social...

    from $599.00
  • Talk Like a Leader Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    What Every Employee Needs to Hear The average person speaks up to 16,000 words every day. That is a lot of talking, but successful leaders...

    from $599.00
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Promoting Leadership in The Workplace

Leadership training programs are one solution to enhance leadership development and team performance. It is aimed at teaching certain soft skills essential for leaders.

Leadership is a lifelong endeavor you can never stop improving upon. There's no such thing as being too good of a leader, and the skills required translate seamlessly from your professional career into your personal life.

HRDQ’s leadership assessments and strengthening tools can help your organization develop strong leadership skills. There are a host of leadership skills training courses and activities that boost, identify, and discover your leadership abilities. Whether the leaders in your audience are newly-minted or seasoned professionals, they'll benefit tremendously from HRDQ’s leadership development tools.

Your company can benefit from leadership training of employees in many ways:

  • Better productivity

    Good managers are able to boost employee productivity. Leaders train workers, analyze existing problems, find innovative solutions, and handle hurdles. Leadership may assist managers to set goals, and enhancing their personnel performance. If an individual develops leadership qualities, they may assist others to do the same, improving the organization.
  • Lower turnover rate

    Training staff may minimize hiring costs. Poor management is a leading cause of employee turnover. A well-trained manager and leader can impact a company's attrition rate.
  • Improvement in company culture

    When a firm invests in any kind of training, it sends a message it cares about employees' success. Apart from that, mentorship may boost morale and make your business more appealing. Companies strengthen their values via leadership training.
  • Reduces risks

    During the course, you may grasp risk management. Leadership training may also boost strategic capacity, benefiting your company's future.
  • Teamwork-building

    Leadership training presents leadership concepts to all employees who follow its instructions. The training helps team members comprehend a leader's decisions. This can improve cooperation, teamwork, and workplace unity.

Leadership Styles

You should be aware of four leadership styles in order to be a more effective leader:

  • Direct ‚Äď Direct leaders are aggressive but not expressive. They often lead by taking charge.
  • Spirited ‚Äď Spirited leaders have a high level of aggression and expressiveness. They frequently inspire others to follow them.
  • Considerate ‚Äď Considerate leaders are low in aggression and high in expressiveness. They lead by fostering group cohesion.
  • Systematic ‚Äď Systematic leaders are low in aggression and expressiveness. They frequently take the lead by meticulously preparing.

The most effective leaders modify their leadership models to fit the occasion. They must understand when to bargain, and when to be tough. They are able to "stretch" their styles to collaborate with others and lead the team to success.

Who should take leadership courses?

  • CEOs. For top managers, leadership training is about passing on ideals. CEOs may review their managing concepts and techniques. The training may assist in producing specific activities and plans, such as training for supervisors and managers.
  • Managers. Managers may strengthen their skills through different kinds of training. Such courses imply training in communication and presentation skills, as well as, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. As a manager, you must know how to lead your people.
  • Employees. Leadership training is also beneficial for ordinary employees:
  • It improves important soft skills, including communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, productivity, etc.

Workers can find out more about employee-manager communication. Leadership qualities may assist in grasping a manager's directives and intentions. Leadership training refines and equips your employees. Communicative, proactive workers will better represent your company. Apart from this, the training provides your employees with everything they need to become good leaders in the future.

Formats of leadership training

  • Leadership Workshops
    A company organizes leadership training workshops. During workshops, several activities assist teams in training their abilities. Workshops introduce unskilled individuals to leadership. Professional workshop hosts can address employees' queries and customize the curriculum. Workshops are flexible and suitable for teaching both employees and management.
  • Conferences
    This format is organized for individuals who are currently leading at work. It gathers leaders from different companies to provide networking and learning opportunities.
  • Management Training
    Executive leadership training is best for individuals who can train others, like managers. Such training helps articulate their expertise, methods, and plans.
  • e-Learning
    Employees may study online at their own speed. Leadership online training may be cheaper because employees don't have to travel or pay. Online training is global. Everyone learns the same materials all over the world.

Leadership training programs outcomes will vary depending on the level and topic. This is why you should pick your path wisely, keeping your ultimate goal in mind. Do you wish to concentrate on one aspect of leadership? Are you a new or prospective leader looking for a course that will teach you the fundamentals of leadership? Or are you an experienced leader or executive seeking a workshop to sharpen your skills?

Leaders are energetic, calm, and motivating. Professionals can employ leadership development for their personal career growth or to become authorities in the industry and aid others in their professional endeavors. Explore the leadership training course opportunities and materials available at HRDQ to help you improve leadership skills in your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Are the Forms of Communication?

Verbal exchanges might take place in person or through digital channels like phone conversations and video chats. It may be casual or formal. In addition to word choice, it also takes into account the nuances of voice, such as pitch, cadence, and other factors. Body language and facial expressions are examples of non-verbal communication, which frequently precedes spoken communication. It's critical to understand that these two methods might occasionally convey distinct meanings. Using the written word to convey information, whether through text, email, or another medium, is known as written communication. Another key form is listening.

What Jobs Am I Eligible for With Good Communication Skills?

If you have excellent communication abilities, you may take up a wide range of various professions. For instance, to generate new revenue, sales professionals across all sectors must have outstanding communication skills. They need to establish a relationship with potential clients while also explaining the advantages of purchasing a specific item or service. In general, you need good communication skills for any job that involves talking to customers, since you'll need to be able to handle complaints, address client concerns, and solve any problems.

What Are the Distinctive Characteristics of a Good Communicator?

A good communicator is always constructive. In addition to being proactive, effective communicators don't put off having unpleasant conversations. They understand the need to establish clear goals in advance. A competent communicator is also skilled at posing intelligent, pertinent questions. They pay close attention to the speaker's words in order to understand them and pick up on subtle variations in tone and attitude that indicate the speaker's mood.

How Can Effective Communication Speed Up Business Growth?

The company is better able to identify impending problems. They benefit from improved processes and greater output. Their commercial contacts and alliances get more solid and fruitful. Their marketing communicates messages that are in line with their objectives. Furthermore, organizations have stronger financial standing and see higher investor returns.